Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mantar - The Spell

Bremen’s Black Metal Doom Punk duo MANTAR (Hanno - VoX/Guit, Erinc - Drum/VoX) have released a brand new EP, "The Spell".

MANTAR is impossible to take lightly, hard, heavy with a force that can fall any Berlin wall at any time. The new EP is a 3 track of full force Black Metal Doom, 12 minutes of crushing music.

The title track and today's tune bringings in Okoi Jones of BÖLZER to guest on vocals.

The EP is released on 10" inch Vinyl, 500 copies was made, Silver and Black. Get it wile you can!

Today's tune "The Spell" is the title track from the brand new EP. Released on March 31, 2017. Video by Wayne Horse. Enjoy!

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Thy Catafalque - Sgùrr

Monday, time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

"Sgùrr" is the 6th album release by THY CATAFALQUE. Was released October 16, 2015.

For those new to THY CATAFALQUE, it is the solo endeavour of Hungarian multi-instrumentalist Tamás Kátai, who moved to Scotland several years ago. He plays a version of black electronic folkish avant-garde metal world music.

"Sgùrr" (the title of which is Scottish Gaelic for “The Top of a Mountain”).

"Sgùrr" is an violent poetic and atmospheric dark journey true the Scottish Highlands all the way to the Hungarian Lowlands, the songs are about water, mountains, their interrelationship, and the symbols attached to them. The album is very playful with a joyful ambient harmony and gritty, pummelling black metal and monumental doom-inspired riffs.

The album starts and ends “Zúgó” (Pt.1 and Pt.2) with a narrates words by Viktória Varga, in Hungarian about the passage of rapids, the sounds of water carving through mountains over eons of time. "Alföldi Kozmosz" is an electronic folkish tune, beautiful melody with almost a dancing beat. "Oldódó Formák a Halál Titokzatos Birodalmában" is a more than 15 minutes, were hard-driving drum rhythms coupled with hard and lightly aggressive guitars with a blackness feeling. "A Hajnal Kék Kapuja" is an instrumental piece, here he shows the beauty of his travels. "Élo Lény" is a more intense piece, heavy and hard with folkish approach. "Jura" is black-ended all the way, fast and heavy, dark and ugly. "Sgùrr Eilde Mòr" continues where "Jura" ends, but with a much bigger spectrum and length. "Keringo" is the last proper tune, a half pace until the drums and guitar enters half the way to give the tune some contrast until is almost fades out in a beautiful violin solo.

Vinyl of "Sgùrr"

Sum: "Sgùrr" is something totally different, if you do not listen with blinders so you should definitely try this.

Today's tune "Oldódó Formák a Halál Titokzatos Birodalmában" is taken from "Sgùrr", enjoy!

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Faces - Stay With Me

Sunday, time for a classic!

"Stay with Me" is a tune written by Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood, was first recorded by their band FACES for the 1971 album "A Nod Is As Good As a Wink... to a Blind Horse". The song has also appeared on various FACES compilations and on albums by both songwriters. The lyrics describe a woman named Rita with "red lips, hair and fingernails" he "found... down on the floor"; the singer proposes a one-night stand on the condition that she must be gone when he wakes up, although he does offer to pay her cab fare home.

The song was the first and biggest American hit for the FACES, although Rod Stewart scored his massive solo hit "Maggie May" four months before "Stay With Me" was released in November 1971. In "Maggie," which is based on a true story, Stewart is the object of sexual conquest. Psychologists could have a lot to say about this one!

This has been covered by ELF featuring Ronnie James Dio (1972), Elkie Brooks (1978), Rod Stewart with Kim Carnes and Tina Turner (1982), Rod Stewart himself (1993), MANIC STREET PREACHERS with Bernard Butler on guitar during their 1994 European tour and DEF LEPPARD (August 5, 2002). Plus as a B-Side on the "Do Ya" single by McFly.

Today's tune "Stay With Me", record at BBC - Sounds for Saturday - 1972, enjoy!

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Steve Hackett - Behind The Smoke

The old school progressive rocker Steve Hackett is back with a brand new video "Behind The Smoke" to promote his latest and twenty-fifth solo release "The Night Siren" that was release on Mars 24th at InsideOut Music.

Hackett had been working on his singing "since 1981" and marks his vocals on "The Night Siren" as the first time he "actually felt like a vocalist" and cited the style of American singer Tim Rose as an influence. Hackett describes the album as "a bird's eye view of the world of a musical migrant ignoring borders and celebrating our common ancestry with a unity of spirit, featuring musicians, singers and instruments from all over the world. From territorial frontiers to walled-up gateways, boundaries often hold back the tide. But while the night siren wails, music breaches all defences".

Some sections on the album was longer than what appeared in the final version, leaving Hackett to edit them down as he noticed a "sense of let's get to the point" and had been prone to develop long sections or song introductions in the past. He intended to make a more accessible album, and after listening back to it, enjoyed making it. "Behind the Smoke" centres around the historical plight of refugees. "West to East" reflects on the effects of war and hope for a better world and features orchestral and choral arrangements. Hackett sees the two tracks as companions to each other; the former originated from a lyric that his wife Jo came up with: "Behind the smoke it's black". Hackett's brother John Hackett plays the flute on some tracks. "Anything But Love" contains a mixture of styles, opening with flamenco guitar to become a rock song with an electric guitar solo to finish. The change of style and joining them together in the studio was particularly demanding.

On the composition, Hackett adds, "we've got 20 people from all around the world all working together ... although it's a rock album there are some big differences." The album also contains influences from the Beatles' psychedelia phase and classic science fiction.

Stephen Richard "Steve" Hackett (born 12 February 1950) is an English musician, songwriter, singer and producer who gained prominence as the guitarist of the English progressive rock band Genesis from 1971 to 1977. Hackett contributed to six Genesis studio albums, three live albums and seven singles before leaving to pursue a solo career. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Genesis in 2010.

Order your copy as limited coloured or black double vinyl plus CD / Special Edition CD+Blu-Ray / CD / Digital now!

- Official band store - https://store.hackettsongs.com

- Official label store - https://www.insideoutshop.de

Click here to see more stores & download/streaming platforms: http://smarturl.it/SteveHackettTNS

Today's tune "Behind The Smoke", taken from "The Night Siren".

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