Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Uriah Heep - Nail On The Head

Uriah Heep started up 1969 and still going strong.
They have a new album it will be released in Europe on April 15,
and in the United States four weeks later.
Its called "Into the Wild" and it is their 23rd studio album.

When they started up their name was Spice, did u know that?
Here is a poster on one of their first known gig :)

They looked something like this...

Their debut album, Very 'eavy... Very 'umble (which was self-titled in the United States), introduced a heavy organ and guitar-driven sound, with David Byron's theatrical, dynamic vocals soaring above thunderous sonic backgrounds, although acoustic and jazz elements also featured in the mix. The album's title references the signature phrase of the Dickens character Uriah Heep ("very 'umble") from the novel David Copperfield from which the band took its name.

Uriah Heep set up nowadays is as following:
Bernie Shaw on vocals
Mick Box on guitar
Phil Lanzon on keyboards
Trevor Bolder on bass guitar
Russell Gilbrook on drums

This is their tour dates:
Date Venue City Country
29.01.11 Workington Carnegie Theatre SOLD OUT UK
30.01.11 Skegness The Great British Rock & Blues Festival, Butlins UK
12.03.11 Athens Gagarin 205 Greece
13.03.11 Thessaloniki Block 33 Greece
19.03.11 Grusch Fuchstival Switzerland
31.03.11 Brisbane Tivoli Australia
01.04.11 Sydney Enmore Australia
02.04.11 Melbourne Palais Theatre Australia

Okey lets look on a video from their latest album,

Peace Folks, Thetania

Wanna know more plz click here!

4 kommentarer:

Grimgoth said...

Hoppas du antar min utmaning:

Majsan said...

Snygg låt, sköt att höra att en ny platta kommer, hade faktiskt ingen koll på dem överhuvud taget.

Thetania said...

Grimgoth: Gäller det Mig eller Stones eller båda ?

Majsan, Ja eller hur, jag blev själv överaskad. det låter riktigt bra :)

Grimgoth said...

Kör bägge två vet ja, för "extra" kul :)