Friday, April 8, 2011

Tramp - It's Automatic

Tramp is a Swedish rock band from Stockholm. The band consists of the singer Markus Karlsson, guitarist Stefan Brändström, drums Robert Eriksson and Johannes Borgström on bass.

The overall merit accommodate participation in bands such as Hellacopters, Henry Fiat's Open Sore, Turpentines, Captain Murphy and Sewergrooves. And now, after three years of secrecy and with a slightly dazed countenance they make an entrance with their cocky debut album Indigo under their arm. Indigo is released in Scandinavia April 1:st and in the rest of Europe and the USA in May 2:nd. Musically Tramp weave together decades of musical heritage. The melodies and harmonies echoing of the 60's, the attack in the performance has more of a 70's touch, and some big gestures could be from the 80's. Furthermore, they dig into their own story and weave everything together into something that lives and breathes in its own time. It sounds British in head-on collision with the U.S. - a healthy cocktail of late '60s psychedelia and garage rock. Like New York punk rockers on a Magical Mystery Tour. Or The Damned spitting out Beach Boys songs. And sometimes as The Who in their best pop costume.

A few days ago they had their release party at Debaser Slussen together with Märvel and the label Killer Cobra Records. They did a marvelous performance, like if you translate Tramp to slut, then it will describe them pretty good. On a positive manner. For the live show it was like a gang of real pop sluts, with melodies and choruses that kicked some ass in there, a really fun night.

Here is some pictures from the gig.

Todays tune ”It's Automatic” is the first single from Tramp's debut album Indigo, enjoy!.

The new record is also released on vinyl, The regular version is sold as a 4x7" vinyl set in handstamped paperbags. There is also a limited mailorder edition in a screen printed and hand numbered box that will also include a centerhole adapter. Kinda cool.

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