Monday, 6 July 2015

Summer Holiday

Monday and Tune Of The Day will take a Summer break. We will be back In August again.

First of all I would like to thank you all for reading, comment, like and follow this blog, it really give my soul some steam, THANK YOU ALL! I hope that I will gain allot of new energy to keep this up with new interesting music, reports and cool pictures :) I hope as well that Record Madness will be back soon again with a new letter, I know that my partner in crime have a record collection that grows fast for every week that goes, anyway, the ball is at his court atm. The last two months have been really crazy on my part, doing festival after festival and I haven't got enough time to do any reports of them, hopefully a recap will come after this break with some pictures and stories, yes I do have allot to tell, not really sure were to begin :).

Anyway, take care of yourself, your friends and families and see you guys soon! Now I will focus on all the new ice creams and try all the new summer beer that has come this year.

Need some good music this summer, well there is a perfect Spotify playlist for that.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you guys will get a great and sunny summer holiday!

Rgs / Steve