Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meshuggah - Humiliative

Sunday night Meshuggah entered the stage of Debaser Medis Stockholm.

This was incredibly powerful.
There they stood with their obZene music, and rocked and pants of all of us.
The tones are as far apart so it gets so damn good.

According to a Hebrew friend of mine Meshuga means "totally crazy"
haha thats so fitting :)

I stood and photographed like a maniac, but I realized from time to time that I stood almost still and was totally astonished over how good this is.

At Debaser the sound gets extremely good, Ive heard em b4 on other stages than this and 2 times at Debaser and Debaser is the best!
The place was crowded, some of my friends didnt get a ticket, lot of sobbing was out there for not making it. Me and Stones wasent working this night and its very rare that we go out and have a good time. Chief Rebel Angel from the blog METAL! was with us this evening as he got that ticket as a birthday gift.

Met lots of people, for example Meshuggahs guitar tech Michel H Lansink that is one of the guitar players in The Kristet Utseende a Swedish punk/metal-group. He revealed that a new album is comming up soon, Im all eager here :D Half of Crucified Barbara was there, hm long time ago I was on one of their concerts. I gotto go, I like their energi!

Over to Meshuggah, since the album obZen 2008 the released a dvd/cd album 2010
called ALIVE, with live tunes. I will show u one of em, and also a teaser on this release. Click here if u wanna read more about them.

Me and Stones took some pics and here they are,

Cheers, and love u all, Thetania

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4 kommentarer:

Chief Rebel Angel said...

Fantastiska bilder från en fantastisk kväll!!!

Kim said...

Snygga bilder, snygg musik!

Thetania said...

Håller med, Stones kamera är "tungt bra" och han blir ba bättre och bättre att handskas med den :)
Själv e man e gla amatör :)

Stones said...

Tack, det blev en del coola bilder faktiskt, riktigt kul att det börjar bli resultat tillslut, är ju fortfarande amatör!