Monday, April 11, 2011

Fallen Trees - It's A Trap

Fallen Trees is a folk rock band from Malmö, Sweden. The band was formed around 10 years ago by Emanuel and David, but not in a serious way, but when they later realized that several thousand people who had listened to their music online felt the same way it was no longer an option to not start up the band for real. Kalle, Emanuels comrade from uni, joined and together they set out to hit every venue, big and small.

After 10 years of pregnancy Fallen Trees was finally born. Now they are stronger and more hard-working than ever. Rather than doing like the rest of the so-called "folk rock scene", playing folk on rock instruments, this is rock on folk instruments, a perfect balance between the organic and the electric.

Fallen Trees just signed a licensing deal with Gothenburg-based Flagstone. Flagstone also works with The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The Hives and Mando Diao to name a few.

Todays tune ”It’s A Trap” taken from their debut EP, released 2010

Fallen Trees plays at cafe montag i malmö mars 2010

Fallen Trees plays at Möllevångsfestivalen july 2010

Download todays tune here!

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Per Strand said...

Detta svänger ju riktigt bra, kul med nya akter.

Mvh Per