Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Black Sabbath - Hole In The Sky

Heya Gurl´s and Guy´s I got a challange from Stones some time ago...
That he got from another blog guy....etc

This is the thing:
If you were locked up in solitary confinement only equipped with a stereo and one is allowed to take 5 records in there, what records would you choose?

This is damn the moment I havent got a clue..
Hm..Lemme must be something I can listen to over and over again and still love...
Alter Bridge is one of those band for me..I´ll take that as my first then :)

#1 Alter Bridge, AB II

#2 Joe Bonamassa, The Ballad of John Henry

#3 Black Country Communion, 2

#4 Black Sabbath, Sabotage

#5 Meshuggah, obZen

A bit of all kinda yummies that I like :) There is no #1 is best and so forth just 5 albums than I´ll spend some time with, cos they are great :)

With all these I can be in any mood I want, and feel good :p

As I took most of em on Tune Of The Day
Ill choose one from the Sabbath album.
This album came out 1975 I bought it with my own money and play´d it every day :)

Sabbath made me a hard rocker, still going on and on :)

Okey lets enjoy this wonderful piece of hard rock!

Cheers, Thetania

4 kommentarer:

Stones said...

Interesting choices there.

Thetania said...

U think so, huh :)
Yeah I just remembered how much I liked this tune in my youth.

A question:Do I have to send this further to someone now?

Chief Rebel Angel said...

Bra val! Sabotage är en kunglig skiva, och bilden är ju helt fantastiskt ful.
Har för mig att de rakade av sig mustaschen och tyckte att de såg för j*vliga ut utan, därav bilden på ryggarna i konvolutet!

Skicka utmaningen vidare om du vill. Annars inte. Bara du klarar dig ut ur inspärrningen.... :-)

Thetania said...

Jag tyckte då att bilden var njae kanske du har rätt :)

Alla har ju gjort utmaningen...så vet inte riktigt vem som inte gjort om någon känner sig manad säg till :D