Monday, March 8, 2010

Between The Buried And Me - Desert Of Song

Between The Buried And Me is the 3:rd one of 4 from the Lamb Of God package the other day. Between The Buried And Me from no on "BTBAM" But this is a band that is very problematic to categorize, BTBAM can best be described as an beautiful and emotional madness, like a the King Crimson high on crack, a group of exceptionally innovative Artists. It's a bunch of classical schooled guys that love to play hard and difficult. The guys formed in 2000. Since their inception they have released five studio albums, one cover album and one live DVD. Their latest album, entitled The Great Misdirect was released last year.

The Great Misdirect is an album that takes a bit to kick in, once it does, you see the hole picture and see the road to the musical bliss. The album is moving in every thinkable direction sometimes all at the same time. My favorite tune on this album is "Swim To The Moon" we you have everything in a nice little box, the tune ticks in at 17:54 :) The single is a more heavier tune with a superb video, check it here. Its a short film about a family and a magician. BTBAM is very good live, a great part this evening was when this band was suppose to start their soundcheck, the sound guy was off (Overslept ?) so the band jammed some nice fusion tunes, so what the heck is this...a fusion band here, tonight...hehe so my expectations from this act was something totally different. Well the sound dude finally arrived and they started to play for real. Whoa! I got a smack in my face, what a band. So i have trying to catch up and listen to this act to get some ground and yes i like them.

The band's name is derived from a section of lyrics in the Counting Crows song "Ghost Train"; "Took the cannonball down to the ocean/Across the desert from the sea to shining sea/I rode a ladder that climbed across the nation/Fifty million feet of earth between the buried and me".

But just to break some ground at the tune of the day. I will not take the single, i will take something totally different, so it will be a pretty little thing from the album called "Desert Of Song" Enjoy!

Between The Buried And Me playing "Desert of Song" off their new album, The Great Misdirect. CD release show- Asheville, NC on Halloween 2009

Between The Buried And Me - "Desert of Song" - Just the tune.

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