Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Live - The Dolphin's Cry

A song I heard some years ago, that i really liked.
So much heart, feeling and ROCK and the same time.
It was released as the lead single from their
fourth studio album The Distance to Here in 1999.
This song was co-produced by Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads,
who also assisted the band in producing their first two albums.

This special concert have so much LIVE in it!!

They come from York, Pennsylvania US and begun in 1988.
Kowalczyk, Taylor, Dahlheimer, and Gracey first came
together for a middle-school talent show in the town of York.

Live climbed from modest modern rock success to the mainstream
spotlight worldwide on the strength of their 1994
breakthrough album, Throwing Copper,
which has sold 8 million copies in the US

The members of Live have announced that the band will
be taking a two-year hiatus as they work on other projects.
Kowalczyk plans to release a solo album and the
other band members are rumored to be recording an
album with Kevin Martin of Candlebox.

Feeeeeel With Meeeee!

Rock on, Thetania

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