Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hansson De Wolfe United - Oberoende Vad Fursten Säger

Hansson de Wolfe United Swedish band formed in 1979 by Lorne de Wolfe (vocals / bass / keyboards) and Dick Hansson (percussion).

Hansson de Wolfe United did have their breake through immediately with the debut album "Iskalla Killen (Full Av Mänsklig Värme)" New Year 1980, Total of five albums that went gold. First nationwide concert tour, came first in 1982, six months after the third album.

The group played "Oberoende Vad Fursten Säger" at the ANC-gala 1985. In spring 2010, it was again time for a short tour in Sweden, but without Dick Hansson's involvement. And yesterday they stood on the stage at Rival in Stockholm and did a very good show, the middle age for the audience was kinda high :)

Contributory on this tour was:
Lorne de Wolfe, sång, keyboard
Jonas Isacsson, gitarr
Per Lindvall, trummor
Jesper Nordenström, keyboard
Sven Lindvall, bas

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Hansson De Wolfe United Offical Website
Hansson De Wolfe United at MySpace

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