Thursday, 13 December 2018

Vidunder - A Fooling Dream

"A Fooling Dream" is a tune by the Swedish bluesy garage rockers VIDUNDER.

On June 2, 2017 they released the song "A Fooling Dream", the B-side from the 7" single "Thirst". This was the last tune from the band, right after the release, the band decided to let VIDUNDER go.

This is what they said.

"After six intense, and less intense years we have come to a point where we feel it's time to let go, time to put this beast into the grave.

We want to thank all of you who came to our shows, booked our shows, bought our records, distributed our records, recorded our records, drove us around Europe, followed us around Europe, bands that supported us, bands we had the honour to support and to you who helped us in any way not mentioned; THANK YOU!!! Without you guys it wouldn't have been possible and for that we are forever thankful!

A special thanks to Peter at Crusher Records, Funky Thomas, Ricky at Swamp Bookings and our nearest for believing in us and our music.

See you bat-cats out there, in one way or another!

/Jens, Martin & Linus

VIDUNDER 2011 - 2017"

Today's tune "A Fooling Dream", taken from the 7" single "Thirst", released on Crusher Records 2nd of June 2017. The Video was directed by the band, edited by Jens Rasmussen, graphics by David Forsberg, shots by Judit Söderblom. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Skraeckoedlan - Kung Mammut

Space, in its unfathomable vastness, has since long been a subject of fascination for those who tilt their heads toward the skies. Full of awe despite its supposed desolation, it is here we place our hopes and dreams of a better future, of continued existence altogether. It is also here, where the lines between dream and reality become too subtle to differentiate, that we find three entities emerging from the apparent void. Their figures mere shadows, as if cast by the beckoning lights that burn from lifetimes away. Though the dead air does not reverberate, these travellers know not of silence. As wielders of the mighty fuzz-science fiction rock, they seem to echo through the very core of existence, unearthing a reality more bizarre than the strangest of fictions. Yet they move forward, to the extent such a direction is possible in the depths of the universes. Their destination is unclear, as is their mission, but the cosmos is calling and they will answer. Inspired by uncertainty and with a serendipitous approach, they know but this: no power in the ‘verse can stop them!

Set in the 1920’s, Earth (Eorþe) is a mystery with Lovecraftian connotations, philosophically told through eight songs. The record is the telling of a story by author Nils Håkansson, written specifically for SKRAECKOEDLAN to put into music.

In addition to CD and standard vinyl Eorþe also comes in a very limited edition, a box set in which the album has been split into two gatefold vinyls, "Earth: Above and Earth: Below". The box comes packed with pieces of merch revolving around the story and features different artwork than the standard editions.

SKRAECKOEDLAN states this concerning the release:

“This is by far our most ambitious work of art as of yet. It’s been a real challenge to do someone else’s story justice whilst making the songs cohesive as well as standing strong on their own, but through a lot of effort we’ve done just that.”

After those words and the preview of the tunes makes me want this, even more, do as I did, preorder the album at fuzzoramastore!

The upcoming album "Earth" due to be released 15th of Feb - 2019. Preorders: *Limited Edition LP boxset available!*

Today's tune "Kung Mammut", is the first single to be released from SKRAECKOEDLANs upcoming album "Eorþe".

"This song is, more than a part of the concept that is Eorþe, a story about life and the feelings of utter hopelessness our seeming oddity of an existence can often give rise to. It is a song about letting go and leaving behind. It’s about shattering the societal mirror and its reflection of illusionary demands and expectations, leaving your unhindered gaze looking ahead, to where your true calling lies. In short, it is a song about becoming truly free.

A quick run true the new album, have fun!

Today's tune "Kung Mammut"

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Nekromant - Blood For Walpurgis

NEKROMANT is a 3-man-piece hailing from the Swedish city of Vänersborg, the band – formerly known as SERPENT – are renowned for delivering a raw, gritty and direct assault, cast in the fires and a dedicated melting pot of metallic inspirations which include BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM and Texan rockers, THE SWORD.

Following the release of their self-titled album in late 2015 on Transubstans Records, the band played extensively both home and abroad at large shows such as Sweden Rock Festival and toured with fellow Swedes, Cities of Mars. Their album NEKROMANT (released under the band’s original name) received unanimous praise by critics and fans alike and led to a very successful start in 2016 for the trio. Having caught the attention of American underground giants Ripple Music, who immediately fell in love with the way the band wore their influences proudly on their sleeves, with the dark and heavy majesty of "Snakes & Liars" (2017) NEKROMANT undoubtedly carried a torch for old-school metal.


Adam Lundqvist – Guitars
Mattias Ottosson – Bass, Vocals
Joakim Olsson – Drums

NEKROMANTs song holds less fascination with Walpurga than the whole underbelly of Walpurgis Night itself. Something is about to rise from the dead and torment the living and we get to hear the excitement of Sankt Walpurgisnacht from the perspective of one of its celebrants, with the hint that this necromancer, however malevolent, is desperately seeking to be reunited with a long lost lover. I have to say that the guitar play is an absolute delight to behold. It’s crisp, vibrant, on-point, and harmonizes splendidly with the rhythm section, which bears the marks of seasoned musicianship. Look for "The Nekromant Lives" to emerge on vinyl and CD formats via Ripple Music, released on October 19th, 2018.

Today's tune "Blood For Walpurgis" is the first single from their new album "The Nekromant Lives". The tune is a tight, twisted number about Walpurgis Night, named for the man held up by German believers as their emissary in battle against the wiles of the Devil and all them witches, in particular, which would come out to play on Hexennacht. To this day, Christians set bonfires ablaze in Saint Walpurga’s name on the eve of April 30th, with hopes of chasing away demons of all kinds.

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Monday, 10 December 2018

Greenleaf – Hear The Rivers

Monday, time for "Record Of The Week".

The Borlänge rockers GREENLEAF are back with a new full-length album. These Swedish stoners have been visiting Tune Of The Day on regular basis. GREENLEAF started as a side project in late 1999 by Tommi Holappa, Daniel Lidén and Bengt Bäcke. Since then they have released an impressive seven albums and one EP, where the latest is "Hear The Rivers". The category "Stoner Rock" that these guys have burn marked into their flesh can be heard on the new album even if the wings are wider than usual, the styles vary from dirty classic rock riffing, heavy blues rock, swampy desert rock to stoner rock. The sound is both characteristic and personal, heavenly groovy, easily identifiable and very catchy, you know, hard to sit still.

"Hear The Rivers" open up with the energetic "Let It Out!", drums and a fat bass-line signed Hans Fröhlich, along with a fuzzy and catchy riff by Tommi Holappa kicks this steam packed tune-up to the blue, stuck in the bubble and you just want to get out!. "Sweet Is The Sound" an old-school bluesy soul piece, riffy and far out, brilliantly performed by the band. "A Point Of A Secret" is a drum driving tune where Sebastian Olsson keeps the tempo, catchy melody with personal lyrics, great vocals from Arvid Hällagård and smart riffing. "Good Ol’ Goat" is a real stomper, knocking drum intro, bluesy and soaring vocals, distorted heavy swampy blues with a great swing. "The Rumble And The Weight" fuzzy riffing with a hypnotic and intoxicating rumbling melody that will trance you right on the spot. "We Are The Prawns" a slower piece, with great vocal performance and deep lyrics. The sharp straightforward rocker "Oh My Bones", pretty solid tune. "In The Caverns Below" is another powerful tune, with terrific grooviness, riff climbing and energetic drumming. Another generic rocker is "High Fever", that makes your body move every muscle, very dangerous tune to play in the car with its high energy and glowing guitars. The last tune, the album closer "The Rivers Lullaby", an eight-minute psychedelic anthem, bluesy with a brilliant vocals, light fingers with thoughtful sweep on the guitar strings to some real sludgy riffs, emotional drumming, fat and chunky basslines with a bombastic ending makes this tune an adventurous experience, a brilliant choice to end a marvellous album.

"Hear The Rivers" is a solid album with a superb musically handcraft, greatly produced and well written. The album was released through Napalm Records November 9th. The album was produced by former GREENLEAF- and DOZER drummer Karl Daniel Lidén (CRAFT, BLOODBATH, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX). The bearded dudes will hit European roads in November.

Sum: "Hear The Rivers" is an absolute gem of an album. Don't miss this!

Today's tune "Good Ol' Goat", taken from "Hear The Rivers", enjoy!

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