Sunday, 16 December 2018

Trettioåriga Kriget - Kaledoniska Orogenesen

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Kaledoniska Orogenesen" is a tune made by the progressive rock band TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET (Thirty Years War). The band was formed 1970, Saltsjöbaden, a seaside resort southeast of Stockholm, Sweden.

They were at the time all around seventeen and still in high school. The schools main hall was in the beginning used as the rehearsal room. This first lineup of the band was a six piece with two drummers! It included Stefan Fredin- bass guitar, vocals, Pocke Öhrström- guitar, vocals, Dag Lundquist- drums, Olle Thörnvall- harmonica, guitar, Dag Kronlund- piano and Johan Gullberg- drums. In 1971 Pocke, Johan and Dag K. left and Robert joined on vocals and guitar. In 1972 Olle quit playing harmonica to concentrate on the lyrics, leaving the band to consist only of Stefan, Dag and Robert. They decided they needed a good guitar player and started to audition some guitarists. Through these auditions they found Christer who joined the band in summer 1972. The band rehearsed intensively for a year and a half and developed a style of their own quite unlike the main trend in Swedish rock during the Seventies.

Early 1974 they got a record deal. Also at that time they got a new rehearsal room in Saltsjöbaden. An old underground disco which they called “Grunden”. There they would remain for a long time….An album was recorded that summer and released in august 1974. The album was named only “TRETTIOÅRIGA KRIGET”. The musical talent and originality of the group was duly recognized in the reviews. The album was an instant classic and is often considered as the first Swedish heavy rock album. They also now started to tour extensively in Sweden and also did several live performances on national Swedish radio.

Today's tune "Kaledoniska Orogenesen" is taken from their self titled 1974 album, enjoy this far out Sunday piece.

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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Hypnos - Caught In The Night

Through the time and universe of rock-history, there have been a few words interlocking the important events. Words as Loud, Groovy, Electrifying and Over the top – words that also could describe Swedens HYPNOS. A band that holds the capacity to unite an audience of headbangers, stoners, retro-kids and old farts. Wherever you find Hypnos you will find awesome rock music.

With their twin guitar hooks a la THIN LIZZY, powerful vocals reminding you of a young Halford or Dickinson, groovy rhythm section and stunning stage performance it’s hard not to get going by their show. There is a playful vibe over the band. There is something more than just 70´s retro or 80´s revival. HYPNOS have their home in Gothenburg a city that is notorious for their high amount of quality rock acts. HYPNOS is very much a central part of the city’s contemporary rock-scene where you among other can find acts as NIGHT VIPER, HONEYMOON DISEASE, HORISONT and GRAVEYARD.

Perhaps though the playful vibe and the laid back and easy going attitude of the band is because of the bands ex-member list that is just as long as any classic rock act. The constant changing of members have given the band the opportunity to always evolve, and they have always kept the feeling that each riff might be the last riff they would ever play.

The band released "GBG Sessions" in 2018 that is a special album as it both shows a live experienced band at the same time as it features the band’s new singer Linus Johansson for the first time. HYPNOS had trouble during the first a half of 2017 when the band’s previous singer Philip Lindgren decided to leave the band and soon after their old label Crusher Records was put on hold. But no challenge is big enough for HYPNOS as the band rises like Phonix from the ashes.

HYPNOS started in 2013 and recorded and released their debut album self-titled album in 2014 (Crusher Records). In 2016 the band released their second album "Cold Winds" (Crusher Records). In 2017 the band re-recorded many of their favourite tracks from previous releases for their "GBG Sessions" live in the studio album. The session also included two brand new songs. Hypnos returns in October 2018 with their brand new album "Set Fire To The Sky". The band has refined their sound together with producer Ola Ersfjord (TRIBULATION, PRIMORDIAL, HONEYMOON DISEASE). The sound is clearer and creates more space and room for the music. Hypnos are establishing their sound with the new album. It´s clear that ”Set Fire To The Sky” is the launchpad for the bands future.

Today the band is stronger, wiser, more mature and have gained a new singer and a new label in The Sign Records. HYPNOS came to their crossroad but this new live session album shows that the band knows their direction and the future has never looked brighter.


Linus Johansson – Vocals
Oskar Wersäll – Guitarr
Anton Frick Kallmin – Bass
Pontus Isebring – Guitarr
Oskar Brindmark – Drums

Today's tune "Caught In The Night" is taken from Hypnos fourth album "Set Fire To The Sky" released through The Sign Records. Video Directed by Max Ljungberg and production assistant: Karl Granberg

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Friday, 14 December 2018

Sudakistan - Two Steps Back

The Stockholm based quintet SUDAKISTAN return with their second album "Swedish Cobra", again fusing their own brand of psychedelia infused rock with latino rhythms. It’s the follow-up to their acclaimed debut LP from 2015, "Caballo Negro", which was hailed as a mixture of THEE OH SEES and DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979, and released to rave reviews from the likes of Classic Rock, Uncut, The Line of Best Fit and KEXP.

Recorded at Studio Rymden, Stockholm in May and August 2017. Produced and mixed by Daniel Bengtsson, mastered by Christopher Göthberg. Artwork by Ragnar Persson. "Swedish Cobra" captures the band’s chaotic but focused live shows, showcasing a broader and more mature sound while losing none of the urgency.

Today's tune "Two Steps Back" is taken from the second LP, "Swedish Cobra", released worldwide September 7th.

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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Vidunder - A Fooling Dream

"A Fooling Dream" is a tune by the Swedish bluesy garage rockers VIDUNDER.

On June 2, 2017 they released the song "A Fooling Dream", the B-side from the 7" single "Thirst". This was the last tune from the band, right after the release, the band decided to let VIDUNDER go.

This is what they said.

"After six intense, and less intense years we have come to a point where we feel it's time to let go, time to put this beast into the grave.

We want to thank all of you who came to our shows, booked our shows, bought our records, distributed our records, recorded our records, drove us around Europe, followed us around Europe, bands that supported us, bands we had the honour to support and to you who helped us in any way not mentioned; THANK YOU!!! Without you guys it wouldn't have been possible and for that we are forever thankful!

A special thanks to Peter at Crusher Records, Funky Thomas, Ricky at Swamp Bookings and our nearest for believing in us and our music.

See you bat-cats out there, in one way or another!

/Jens, Martin & Linus

VIDUNDER 2011 - 2017"

Today's tune "A Fooling Dream", taken from the 7" single "Thirst", released on Crusher Records 2nd of June 2017. The Video was directed by the band, edited by Jens Rasmussen, graphics by David Forsberg, shots by Judit Söderblom. Enjoy!

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