Saturday, November 17, 2018

Soup - Sleepers

Today's tune "Sleepers" is a real beauty, emotional, sensitive and humble, a tune that can bright up this dark evening.

The tune is made by Trondheim based multi instrumentalist Erlend Viken and his band SOUP. The band was created in 2004.

SOUP consists of:

Erlend - Vocals, keys and samples
Espen - Percussion
Jan Tore - bass
Ørjan - Guitar

The tune is taken from SOUPs seventh studio album "Remedies" and a musical journey a bit different from the previous ones. Diving into a more jam oriented landscape, the band experiments with 1970’s prog elements while mixing them with the established Soup sound: dynamic, melancholic and melodic, enjoy!

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Orango - Loco

Purveyors of honest and straightforward blues-infused vocal harmony rock, the trio ORANGO have worked on their musical blend and live reputation for over a decade. Now they have some new material in the luggage and a brand new single "Loco" from the upcoming album "Evergreens"(to be released November 30th. 2018 on Stickman Records (LP/CD/DL).

Pre-order the new "Evergreens" and get the green vinyl, the first 1.000 units are hand numbered, and the art work by @mhbersaas and @bryggmania! The album will of course be out on CD and all digital services, too.
For Norway: Pre-order Evergreens here:
All other countries: Pre-order Evergreens from - available soon!

Today's tune "Loco", the first single from the upcoming "Evergreens", the tune have a great groove and melody with dual popish vocals and straight forward riffing. Video made by Gunnar Knutsen/Tumblewine Films -

Upcoming concerts:

30.11.18 - Big Dipper, Oslo (NO)
10.01.19 - Hulen, Bergen (NO)
11.01.19 - John Dee, Oslo (NO)
12.01.19 - Gamle Total, Tønsberg (NO)
29.01.19 - Toast Hawai, Berlin (DE)
30.01.19 - Wunderbar, Luckenwalde (DE)
31.01.19 - Dezentralcafé, Nürnberg (DE)
01.02.19 - Vortex, Siegen (DE)
02.02.19 - Burg Herzberg Festival Party @ Knus, Hamburg (DE)

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Blood Command - (The World Covered In) Purple Shrouds

For almost a decade now, Norway’s BLOOD COMMAND have been playing thier ballsy pre-historical deathpop and release thier third album "Cult Drugs", which will was released on the 28th April, 2017 via Fysisk Fomat. Hailing from Bergen, a city most known for its black metal scene.

BLOOD COMMAND consists of Karina Ljone, Sigurd Haakaas, Simon Oliver Økland and Yngve Andersen

Today's tune is the most experimental tune on the latest release "Cult Drugs", the album closer “(The World Covered in) Purple Shrouds”. A tune with hard hitting drumming, hailing vocals mixed with clean singing, disco synth, ruffling riffs and trumpets, a great effort from BLOOD COMMAND, enjoy!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Barren Womb - Drive-Thru Liquor Store

The Trondheim noise rock duo BARREN WOMB is an interesting combo, with their latest album "Old Money / New Lows" and loads touring they finally find their way into Tune Of The Day.

Armed with nothing more than drums, guitars and their voices, they rely mostly on crude dynamics and the power of the riff to hammer their point across. Since their inception in late 2011, the Nordic Heavy Noise Rockers have been raising both eyebrows and hell with their minimalistic approach, earsplitting volume and defiant experimentation. The duo, comprising singer/drummer Timo Silvola and singer/guitarist Tony Gonzalez, make efficient use of crude dynamics and the power of the riff to hammer their point across.

The album was recorded live and mixed by Håkon Gebhardt (MOTORPSYCHO, Bertine Zetlitz, Ida Jenshus), with mastering duties handled by Keijo Niinimaa (ROTTEN SOUND, MORBID EVILS). Adorning the cover is an original painting by artist and longtime collaborator Ole Spangrud. "Old Money / New Lows" was be released February 16th 2018 limited vinyl, digital and on CD, through Spartan Records/Loyal Blood Records.

In today's tune, you will hear Tony desperately howls "You’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive" on the slow-burning tune "Drive-Thru Liquor Store", setting a menacing tone while at the same time paying homage to an old country hero.

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