Thursday, 18 December 2014

The making of - Foo Fighters

Heya There folks!!

It´s me Thetania!
I Just passing by here and wanna give you some music power :D

You know me, im all that positive thinking kinda gurl!
So I thought ill give you something that u might have seen but i show u anyway.

I love Hard rock but..
This band I doo love, cos they are so damn uncomlicated and happy.
And thats the way i am!

Foo Fighters!! Damn good!

Have you heard they made a album that was done in diffrent citities in the US ,
Chicago, Arlington,  Nashville, Austin, Joshua Tree, New Orleans, Seattle, New York.
8 tracks ...damn good track!

My advise to u, go and buy it and listen to it... And ENJOY as I did :D

Listen to the making....

More info @ Homepage

Ladys and Gents, The FOO FIGHTERS!!!!


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