Thursday, 7 November 2013

Wolves Like Us - Secret Handshakes

You've entered the second post in a suite that comes from the Swedish Darkness, the month that we call... November. It is number two in a short series that is written by guest writer Chief Rebel Angel (normallu at the swedish blog Metal!) here at Tune Of The Day, and the idea is to present music that is fitting and well in line with the month in focus.
First out was the aptly named NOVEMBERS DOOM, but as number two in the series I thought we'd have something that is perfect autumn music...without being especially hard.
It is a very long way from black, doom or sludge metal, something that would otherwise be easy to connect with cold and dark weather.
This, my friends, is one of the really fun things that keeps me coming back to the tradition of making all the "Tip Of The Week" in november as a bit special with focus on such music - and trying to find such music without just repeating the same kind of extreme metal subgenre every week.

So today we are going to Norway, and we are gonig to play music that feels... wet. Not the dark, gloomy, utter hopelessness wet that can be manifested in black metal, but more of a rain-against-the-cost-while-seawater smashes against the cliffs kind of wet.
Steel gray skies.
Naked tree branches against these skies.
Damp air, rain that falls lightly but without an end.
In my imagination WOLVES LIKE US have placed the recording studio in a small wooden house placed at the tip of a cliff jutting out into the stormy ocean, and isolatedf themselves in that hut to record "Late Love", an album that is brimful of emotional rock'n'roll with really high quality.
It is a good soundtrack to the month of november, but even so it is a bit lighter and more easygoing that most of the music I listen to during this month.
Todays tune is of the kind that eats in to your head and stays there.
I would'nt be surpriced if you - after listening to the song - keep humming and singing along to it.
It is the best track off the album, I think, even though the album is quite strong overall.

WOLVES LIKE US "Secret Handshakes"!

Admit it, the music sounds more or less like the cover (made by Justin Bartlett) looks like, and it is a worthy part of a november music series.
The members of the group are:
  • Espen Helvig - guitar
  • Toy Kjeldaas - bass
  • Larsh Kristensen - vocals/guitar
  • Jonas Thire - drums
...and I am especially found of the undertow of panic that can be heard in Larsh's voice. It gives the music a special nerve, and somehow makes me think of... KHOMA. conclude.
WOLVES LIKE US "Late Love" is a good record, released in 2011, and for those of you who read Swedish and want to read a review - is the site to look at.
It is a record fitting to the november darkness, but with a bit more light to it than last week.
I'd say it promises.. hope. Hope of a mild winter to come, and a spring afterwards.
Next week we will kill that hope...

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