Friday, February 23, 2018

Mount Salem - Lucid

From Chicago Illinois we find the Rock n' Roll/Doom band MOUNT SALEM, they were formed in the summer of 2012. Their debut album "Endless" was released 4th Mars 2014 at Metal Blade. Hopefully a follow up will come soon.

MOUNT SALEM is playing an psychedelic doom rock with a droning and spellbound nightmarish feeling. The riffage are influenced by classic bands like BLACK SABBATH and PENTAGRAM.

The band consists of:

Emily Kopplin - vocals & organ
Kyle Morrison - guitar
Mark Hewett - bass
Cody Davidson - drums

Today's tune "Lucid", taken from the album "Endless". The Video is Directed by Dave Skwarczek -

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Psychedelic Witchcraft - Rising On The Edge

PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT was born by the hands of the ancients gods of Blues and Doom, living through the imaginary of Occult and Witchcraft, with psychedelic colors and emotions. Inspired by the sounds and the pictures of an almost lost Era.

PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT was formed in 2015 led by Italian singer Virginia Monti as a the main songwriter. Her vocals has a mesmerising, smokey snarl feeling along with the bluesy and rocky guitarist Jacopo Fallai. The rythm section consist of the bass player Riccardo Giuffrè and the drummer Mirko Buia.

Life, Occult,'70s music and everything that moves our souls and bones.

Today's tune "Rising On The Edge" is taken from the second album "Sound of the Wind", released November 3rd 2017. enjoy!d 2017.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Electric Citizen - Misery Keeper

ELECTRIC CITIZEN are based in Cincinnati and signed to California based heavyweight, RidingEasy Records, ELECTRIC CITIZEN has spent the last several years touring the world headlining and opening for acts like KING DIAMOND, PENTAGRAM, THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN, FU MANCHU, BUDOS BAND, CHARLES BRADLEY, JOAN JETT, WOLFMOTHER and playing renowned festivals like Psycho Las Vegas, Psycho California and Desert Fest Belgium.

. 📷 by Steven Levas

After bursting to the American heavy rock forefront with their 2014 debut album, Sateen, Electric Citizen released their second album, Higher Time in 2016; a breakout moment for the band as a whole and for vocalist Laura Dolan. Like its predecessor, Higher Time was recorded at The Diamonds studio in Cincinnati by Brian Olive (The Greenhornes, Dan Auerbach, Dr. John, etc.), and in search of an even more expansive feel, Laura, Ross and Brian traveled to mix alongside Black Keys engineer Collin Dupuis at Easy Eye in Nashville, TN.

ELECTRIC CITIZEN branch out with stage-born assurance across a collection of definitive rock ‘n’ roll. It is a bold, complete sound that sacrifices nothing of the band’s on-stage energy and clearly demonstrates that while their progression has been quick, it’s been hard won the traditional way: They worked their collective ass off. ELECTRIC CITIZEN brazenly refuse to be pigeonholed and craft a style that, like every stage they step onto, is completely their own. Look for them on the road in North America and Europe throughout 2018 and beyond.

Today's tune "Misery Keeper" taken from the bands latest release "Higher Time", enjoy!

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Drive By Wire - Where Have You Been

On "Where Have You Been" the Dutch steamy rockers DRIVE BY WIRE offer you an intriguing and unique mixture of fuzz-laden heavy rock grooves accompanied by the trippy, hazy vocals of energetic front woman Simone Holsbeek.

A trip through a desolate desert landscape, the swampy river delta, home to the band, '70s hardrock and psychedelia. DRIVE BY WIRE manages to distill these inspirations into a warm organic sound with the urgency of '90s grunge, the contagious riff-driven groove of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE and delicious hypnotic heavy-ness such as BLACK SABBATH.

DRIVE BY WIRE Consist of:

Simone Holsbeek
Alwin Wubben
Jerome Miedendorp de Bie
Marcel Zerb

Today's tune "Where Have You Been" taken from the latest album "Spellbound", please don't just stand there, click on the video or the Spotify link for god sake, enjoy!

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