Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hypergiant - Perseus Arm

HYPERGIANT delivers heavy music from the edge of the void, Sydney to be more precise.

These fellows are named after the ultra-massive class of star, HYPERGIANT fuse the monolithic riffage of stoner rock with the intricacies of progressive metal to create a sound both colossal and nuanced.

Drawing inspiration from a broad range of artists, from the revered godfathers of the riff, BLACK SABBATH, to the modern behemoths such as MASTODON, SLEEP and BARONESS, with a hint of the psychedelic space-rock characteristic of PINK FLOYD and HAWKWIND, HYPERGIANT are steadily carving out a sound of their own from the molten sludge of these combined influences.

HYPERGIANT consists of:

Nathan Lee - Guitar & Vocals
Gordon Hammer - Guitar
Lachlan Davidson - Bass
Julian Moxon - Drums

Today's tune "Perseus Arm" taken from "Father Sky", released November 16, 2017.

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Jack White - Connected By Love

"Connected By Love" is the new single of the forthcoming third solo album by 12-time Grammy Award-winner Jack White, "Boarding House Reach" (out March 23rd).

White produced and recorded the song in three locations: Sear Sound in New York City, Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, and Third Man Studio in Nashville. It’s the first time White has recorded an album in New York and Los Angeles, and his first with an entirely new crew of musicians that includes drummer Louis Cato (Beyoncé, Q-Tip, John Legend), bassist Charlotte Kemp Muhl (THE GHOST OF A SABER TOOTH TIGER), synthesizer player DJ Harrison, keyboardist Neal Evans (SOULIVE, Talib Kweli, John Scofield), percussionist Bobby Allende (David Byrne), and backing vocalists Ann & Regina McCrary of Nashville's legendary gospel trio the McCrary Sisters.

Written and conceived while holed up in a spartan apartment with no outside distractions, Jack replicated the identical environment and used the same gear as when he was a 15 year old (a quarter-inch four-track tape recorder, a simple mixer, and the most basic of instrumentation) to pen sketches of the album’s songs. . The album was recorded at Third Man Studio in Nashville, TN, Sear Sound in New York, NY, and Capitol Studios in Los Angeles, CA – marking the first time Jack has recorded an album in either LA or NYC.

"Connected by Love" was the first song he wrote in a Nashville apartment.

Today's tune is the new single “Connected by Love” from the forthcoming album "Boarding House Reach".

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Urfaust - Voodoo Dust

URFAUST is an occult audial vessel of delirious madness that was invoked in 1999. Ranging from Cruel Black Metal Ambient to Bombastic Drone Rituals, to minimalistic low-fi Black Magick: URFAUST does it all.

It's Thursday today, so why not a cover.

VRDRBR - Drums, IX - Guitars, Vocals

This 12 " vinyl single release was recorded, mixed and mastered between spiders, woodlice and mold by URFAUST & Deportator. "Voodoo Dust" was originally written, arranged and recorded by THE DEVIL'S BLOOD. On side b you will find an ambient soundscape "Kalabhairava" with Farida Lemouchi on vocals. Recorded by Tom Auf Der Axe & Thomas Goat for Bad Magic Audio. Artwork by Patrick Zöller / Karmazid.

URFAUSTis signed to Ván Records (Germany)

Enjoy THE DEVIL'S BLOOD Tribute the URFAUST way

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Supersoul - The Manipulator

Rock'n'roll trio with a soft side from Athens, Greece. They released their debut album "Faith Bender" released on the 28th of September, 2017.

"Faith Bender" features 14 tracks of high energy rock with a blues and garage edge. SUPERSOUL'S music should attract fans of THE BLACK KEYS, THE FLYING EYES and THE HEAVY EYES.

SUPERSOUL consist of:

Rami Winston : guitar,vocals
Orestis Mass :bass,vocals
Evan Maragkoudakis : drums,vocals

Today's tune "The Manipulator" is taken from the Debut Album "Faith Bender".

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