Sunday, June 17, 2018

Buffalo Springfield - Mr Soul

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Mr. Soul" is a song released by the American-Canadian rock band BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD in June 1967, from their second studio album "Buffalo Springfield Again.

"Mr. Soul" is about Neil Young's personal problems with fame and disregard towards rock stardom. It was written by Young after experiencing an epilepsy attack after an early show with BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD in San Francisco. Many people in the audience were questioning if it was part of the act. While being a patient at UCLA Medical Center's neuropsychiatry branch, he wrote the song once he was awake and recovering and told to return for further tests. The lyrics had reflected Young's experience, feeling as though he was about to die. Thereupon, he was advised by his doctor to never take LSD or any other hallucinogenic drugs.

Composed on an acoustic twelve-string guitar, the dark and moody song is in double drop D tuning, which Young used in a number of other songs, such as "Ohio" and "Cinnamon Girl". On the third track of Sugar Mountain - Live at Canterbury House 1968, Young stated that, "A lot of songs take a long time to write. Generally they take an hour and a half, two hours to write. But this one took only five minutes". Young subsequently recorded several other versions of the song, often with marked stylistic changes. The song has been described by music writers as folk rock, psychedelic rock, and hard rock.


Stephen Stills - guitar (lead), backing vocals
Neil Young - guitar, lead vocals
Richie Furay - guitar, backing vocals
Dewey Martin - drums
Bruce Palmer - bass guitar

Enjoy today's tune "Mr Soul"

"For What It's Worth / Mr Soul" 1967 on the TV show Hollywood Palace.

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Gaupa - The Drunk Autopussy Wants to Fight You

Swedish rockers GAUPA comes from a deep cellar in the concrete jungle of Falun, Sweden. They have their roots in stoner rock, from which they developed their own style with elements as heavy doom with progressive tones together with the high-energy singer (Emma Näslund) with surreal lyrics, and a vocal that reminds me of Björk, which strangely works really well in the slightly tougher and raw tongues like this.

GAUPA consists of:

Emma Näslund - Vocals
David Rosberg - Guitars
Daniel Nygren - Guitar
Erik Jerka Sävström - Bass
Jimmy Hurtig - Drums

Today's tune "The Drunk Autopussy Wants to Fight You" is taken from the latest self-titled EP available on Bandcamp The tune is written and performed by GAUPA. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Erik Berglund. Video directed, shot and edited by David Rosberg

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Heliod - Lone Wolf

In the beginning there was the God of the Sun.

And with his light he created his sons.

They are from now on their way to spread his light. With music...

HELIOD hails from Dresden, Germany and on their self titled debut do they captured the essence of their wandering so far. Without any label or producer but the help of friends and family, they came out with 8 songs, each packed with dense atmosphere fed by different genres. Songs which resemble their journey through the warm, the cold, the me and the us…

A journey through the sounds of the Sun. And the Moon… For a recording that launches from the swamp, makes a flyby of the sun and concludes with a moon landing, HELIODs eponymous debut is suitably propulsive and cosmically-inclined. The voyage is ably achieved on the strength of an interstellar riff rocket, eight groove generators and a tankful of ballistic blues.


Tom Schneppat: guitar, vocals
Tom Witschel: guitar
Maximilian Meyer: bass guitar
Martin Jahn: drums

All Songs written and performed by HELIOD
Organs in "Trees" performed by Falk Schönfelder
Recorded at MorningWood Studios by Ralf & Falk Schönfelder
Mixed by Peter Heise
Mastered by Johannes Frank at Feinklang-Mastering Leipzig
Released April 13, 2018

Order your Vinyl LP (digital download available right after pre-ordering) here:

Today's tune "Lone Wolf" is taken from the self titled debut album, enjoy!

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Witchcryer - Cry Witch

WITCHCRYER are a 4-piece old-school doom metal band hailing from Austin, Texas.

Their music is infused with heavy rock of BLACK SABBATH, BLUE OYSTER CULT and the doom vain from WITCHFINDER GENERAL and ST. VITUS.

WITCHCRYER was created by guitarist Jason Muxlow during his time with Chicago doom band, (EARTHEN GRAVE). Javi Moctezuma joined in 2015 and later that year, Suzy Bravo (HOGBITCH) and Marilyn (PILLCRUSHER/LAS CRUCES) joined.

"The Preying Kind" demo was recorded and released as a demo on bandcamp. In May 2017, the full length album, "Cry Witch" was pressed and sold as an independent limited cd and digital Bandcamp release. The band played its first show on April 2016.

WITCHCRYERs debut album, "Cry Witch" was released in May 2017. Nine songs of classic doom, produced by the band & BRANT SANKEY (recording & mix engineer).

WITCHCRYER consists of:

Suzy Bravo – vocals
Jason Muxlow – guitar, synths
Marilyn – bass
Javi Moctezuma – drums, backing vocals

Extreme Limited Edition Blue Witch Vinyl LP
All music on "Cry Witch" is by WITCHCRYER , except "Embryo (Instructions)" (inspired by Tony Iommi / BLACK SABBATHs "Embryo") and "Witchfinder General" by Paul Tavey and Phil Cope. All lyrics by Suzy Bravo except "Witchfinder General." All © and ℗ 2017, WITCHCRYER.

Produced by WITCHCRYER & Brant Sankey
Mixed by Brant Sankey at BLS Studios
Mastered by Chris Cline
Viola and cello on “Lapis Philosophorum” by Bridgid Bibbens
Cover illustration by Becky Cloonan<

Today's tune "Cry Witch", the title track from WITCHCRYER s 2018 Ripple Music release - officially released January 19th.

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