Monday, March 19, 2018

Necrophobic - Mark of the Necrogram

Once again a new week and it's time to introduce "Record Of the Week".

The Necrogram has awakened! Dormant for nearly four years, the sigil—crafted by Swedish death metal legends NECROPHOBIC long ago in a crucible of fire and ice—will spread hate, plague, and disease once more in 2018.

“Mark Of The Necrogram” is especially significant as it represents the rebirth of NECROPHOBIC with singer Anders Strokirk returning to the fold, also the guitarists Sebastian Ramstedt and Johan Bergebäck joining the gang again. The guys also changed the record company from Season of Mist to Century Media Records.  This is also the first classic Kristian "Necrolord" Wåhlin cover since 1997’s “Darkside”, and musically offers a prime example how to blend death and black metal in the best possible, most diabolic way.

"Mark of the Necrogram" is a fantastic release from these gents. It's melodic, very catchy and right on the spot, an epic album. 49 minutes of Swedish death metal with bombastic blackened harmonies and never letting down on its primal fury and predatory aggression.

From start to finish the album keeps up all the way, I guess I should say it's a masterpiece, well it is. The album is ridiculous well-balanced, fiery guitar-work by the dream team of shredding, Sebastian Ramstedt and Johan Bergebäck! Penetrating speedy blast-beats by Joakim Sterner crazy and well played basslicks by Alex Friberg and then the powerful and guttural vocals by Anders Strokirk. Tunes like "Sacrosanct", "Tsar Bomba", "Pesta" or "Lamashtu" are just a few proofs why “Mark Of The Necrogram” might become one of 2018’s most celebrated metal records. What more is the to say, than I'm happy!

Sum: Don't dare to miss this one!

Today's tune "Tsar Bomba" is taken from "Record Of The Week", enjoy!

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein

Sunday, time for a classic.

"Frankenstein" is an instrumental by The Edgar Winter Group from their album "They Only Come Out at Night".

The song topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart for one week in May 1973, being replaced by Paul McCartney's "My Love". It sold over one million copies. In Canada it fared equally well, reaching #1 on the RPM 100 Top Singles Chart the following month, the same month that saw it peak at #18 in the UK.

The song's title, coined by the band's drummer Chuck Ruff, derives from the fact that the original recording of the song was much longer than the final version, as the band would often deviate from the arrangement into less structured jams. The track required numerous edits to shorten it. The end result was spliced together from many sections of recording. Winter frequently refers to the appropriateness of the name also in relation to its "monster-like, lumbering beat". (One riff was first used by Winter in the song "Hung Up", on his jazz-oriented first album Entrance. He later tried a variation on it, "Martians" on the Standing on Rock album.)

Winter played many of the instruments on the track, including keyboards, saxophone and timbales. As the release's only instrumental cut, the song was not initially intended to be on the album, and was only included on a whim as a last-minute addition. It was originally released as the B-side to "Hangin' Around", but the two were soon reversed by the label when disc jockeys nationwide in the United States, as well as in Canada, were inundated with phone calls and realized this was the hit. The song features a "double" drum solo, with Ruff on drums and Winter on percussion. In fact, the working title of the song was "The Double Drum Song". The single was one of the few No. 1 chart records to include an extended passage featuring the ARP 2600 synthesizer. The group performed the song on The Old Grey Whistle Test in 1973.

The song was actually performed three years previously when Edgar was playing with his older brother Johnny Winter at the Royal Albert Hall in 1970. This rare recording was recently released as one of several live bonus tracks included in the two-disc Deluxe Edition CD of Johnny Winter's Second Winter. Rolling Stone lists it as one of the top 25 best rock instrumentals.

Sections of the track were edited and sequenced into idents and jingles for Alan Freeman's Top 40 and Saturday Rock Show on UK's BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2 for many years, often followed with Freeman's trademark opening line "Greetings Pop Pickers..."

In live performances of the song, Edgar Winter further pioneered the advancement of the synthesizer as a lead instrument by becoming the first person ever to strap a keyboard instrument around his neck, giving him the on-stage mobility and audience interaction of guitar players.

Ronnie Montrose – guitar
Dan Hartman – bass
Chuck Ruff – drums
Edgar Winter – ARP 2600 synthesizer, electric piano, saxophone, timbales
Rick Derringer – producer

Enjoy today's tune!

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

De Forbandede - Sirenernes Hævn

DE FORBANDEDE is a danish stoner/garage rock band. Formed in Odense, Denmark, 2015 as an recording project aimed at meeting in a studio to write and record songs in the same session, both to avoid over-exercise and that the songs could be as "fresh" as possible. In the style there was gone on the psychedelic and a vowel-driven desert rock. It quickly swept into a 3-track EP "Everything & Nothing" that, together with 2 videos, quickly drew attention to the band from GFR, Gearbox Agency, Career Channel and various festivals plus a nomination for the Odense Live Prize 2017.

A square circle that's about everything and nothing - perfect u-perfect melodic vowel drowning in leap reverb and space echo. Fiery wild guitar solos are looking for the stars while toned drums and the thundering fuzzbass call deep inside the earth's interior. All in while the vibraphone and organsynth sneak you up with a consciousness-expanding full moon ridden through the desert. When classical psych meets the day of judgment, we are all lost and disappearing into the cosmos in a malfunction of dreams and lights, forever happy, forever damned.

The band consist of:

Peter Østergaard - Guitars, vocals
Ricky Christensen - Drummer
Nicolei Martin Aagaard Rasmussen - bass, vocals
Michael Hansen-Buur - keys, vocals

When classical psych meets the day of judgment, we are all lost and disappearing into the cosmos in a malfunction of dreams and lights, forever happy, forever damned.

Today's tune "Sirenernes Hævn" is taken from the album "Den Evige Nat". Footage from the film "Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women" (Peter Bogdanovich, 1968), enjoy!

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Jesper Binzer - Dream Big

On February 23rd, just a week before Jesper’s major tour, Jesper is releasing a brand new single called “Dream Big”. And in a few weeks his tour entres Swedish soil, hopefully, I get time to go and see it live. See all the dates below.

Jesper says:

“Dream Big” is a real melancholic candidate for the inner playlist – three verses from reality; about infertility, divorce and the brutality of power … and the chorus is about acceptance of, that it’s not only going up and down in the showbiz but also in life … My whole solo album, Dying Is Easy, is about myself, myself and a little bit more about myself, so it has been a new and exciting experience with a new single, to try to do something different and at the same time get some more music to take out and tour Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe with “.

The single has been produced by Søren Andersen, who is also there when Jesper and his band are touring around in Denmark, Sweden, Germany as well as some very special rock tours in Southern Europe.

Rumors say that Jesper Binzer has a little extra gift in his sleeve on Record Store Day Saturday, April 21st.

Enjoy today's tune!


28.02 Train, Aarhus (Denmark)
01.03 Vejle Musikteater (Denmark)
02.03 Tobakken, Esbjerg (Denmark)
03.03 Tøjhuset, Fredericia (Denmark)
07.03 Sønderborghus (Denmark)
08.03 Tobaksgården, Assens (Denmark)
09.03 Skive Theater (Denmark)
10.03 Godset, Kolding (Denmark)
15.03 Pavillonen, Grenaa (Denmark)
16.03 Fermaten, Herning (Denmark)
17.03 Værket, Randers (Denmark)
18.03 Skråen, Aalborg (Denmark)
23.03 Sydney -tbc ( Australia)
05.04 Portalen, Greve (Denmark)
06.04 Pumpehuset, Copenhagen (Denmark)
07.04 The Tivoli, Helsingborg (Sweden)
13.04 KB, Malmø (Sweden)
14.04 Sticky Fingers, Göteborg (Sweden)
15.04 Debaser Strand, Stockholm (Sweden)
17.04 Metal Cruise Mallorca (Mediterranean Sea)
18.04 Metal Cruise Mallorca (Mediterranean Sea)
19.04 Metal Cruise Mallorca (Mediterranean Sea)
20.04 Metal Cruise Mallorca (Mediterranean Sea)
08.05 Knust, Hamburg (Germany)
09.05 Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg (Germany)
10.05 Backstage, München (Germany)
11.05 Turock, Essen (Germany)
01.06 Esbjerg Rock Festival (Denmark)
09.06 Nordals Festival (kl. 17.45) (Denmark)
15.06 Lunden, Horsens (support for Ringo Starr) (Denmark)
29.06 Kløften Festival (Denmark)
14.07 Vig Festival (kl. 22.15) (Denmark)
27.07 Varde Open Air (kl. 21.30) (Denmark)
01.08 Wacken Festival (Germany)
02.08. Ringsted Festival (Denmark)
21.09 Hamburg Metal Days (Germany)
Week 42 Heavy Metal Urlaub (Spain)

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