Saturday, March 24, 2018

One Desire - Hurt

ONE DESIRE is a melodic rock band from Finland, formed in 2012 when drummer Ossi Sivula started gathering musicians and friends for his new project. A couple years of writing songs, making demos with different musicians and friends went by with an aim to create music that could change the world. Various musicians came and went along the way, but in 2014 they met Jimmy Westerlund. Jimmy has several platinum and gold albums to his credit as a producer, guitarist, and songwriter. Jimmy had just moved back to Finland after a stint in Los Angeles. The band hired him to produce some songs, and after recording three songs with a new musical direction, they managed to attract the attention of Serafino Perugino, owner and head of A&R at Frontiers Music.

But, at this point, the band desperately needed a great singer. After trying out some different options, Jimmy suggested his longtime friend Andre Linman from the band STRUM UND DRANG. They were friends since way back and SuD had decided to go on hiatus the year before. Andre got together for a couple of sessions with the guys and after writing a couple new songs together, the style and sound that was about to become ONE DESIRE. Ossi and Andre asked Jimmy to join the band in 2016 and this is the album that was born from that collaboration. Also, not long after this happened, the very talented Jonas Kuhlberg (Paul Di´Anno, Cain´s Offering, MyGrain) was brought on and he became the last link in the chain.

After Jimmy brought in the song “Hurt”, the band felt that they had taken it to the next level. Andre wrote the beautiful ballad, “This Is Where The Heartbreak Begins” and at that time, ONE DESIRE started to find the right direction for Ossis' rocker, “Do You Believe”. Finally, in mid-2016, the band felt they finally were musically locked in and had the material to make an album that they could honestly stand behind and love beyond a doubt. 2017 will be a fantastic year as the journey of ONE DESIRE just begins!

ONE DESIRE featuring André Linman on vocals and guitar, Jonas Kuhlberg on bass, Jimmy Westerlund on guitars & Ossi Sivula on drums. Melodic rock

Today's tune "Hurt" taken from the self titled debut album, enjoy!

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Friday, March 23, 2018

RIOT V - Victory

Musically, RIOT V has bestowed on us a small history lesson in their brand new studio album “Armor Of Light” tracing right back to their roots, and for fans of the legendary “Thundersteel” album from 1988 - their mouths will already be watering at the prospect! For the new record, the band has brought everything to the table that has distinguished RIOT since the very beginning, venerating their 1988 classic’s 30th anniversary on the highest level. Enthusiasts can expect aggressive songs but perfectly formed in the enthralling melodies.

Chris “The Wizard” Collier (METAL CHURCH, FLOTSAM & JETSAM, SLIPKNOT and KORN etc.) produced RIOT V’s new album. Thus, not only the songs but also the entire sonic characteristics of the record have a very unique touch to them. Mariusz Gandzel (CRYSTAL VIPER) fabricated the stylistically flawless artwork.

Don Van Stavern - bass guitar 
Mike Flyntz - guitars
Todd Michael Hall - vocals
Frank Gilchriest - drums
Nick Lee - guitars

Today's tune "Victory" is taken from “Armor Of Light”, enjoy!

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Murderdolls - White Wedding

MURDERDOLLS were an American horror punk and heavy metal band, founded during 2002 in Hollywood, California. The band line-up consisted of core members Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison, while former members included Ben Graves, Acey Slade, Eric Griffin and Tripp Eisen.

The band has released two albums, the first in the form of "Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls" which was released in 2002. The band had limited initial success in the United States, though their album and singles charted well in the United Kingdom and around the same time they picked up a strong following in Japan. Their second album, "Women and Children Last", was released August 31, 2010. Wednesday 13 confirmed the band's split in an interview in July 2013. The sound of the band is made up of their shared influences, which musically are punk rock and as well as from some of the 1970s hard rock acts (such as KISS and ALICE COOPER). The band also share a large interest in horror movies, from which they take most of their images and references. Lyrically, the group most often present themselves in a "tongue-in-cheek" manner, covering topics of necrophilia, grave robbing, cross-dressing, amongst other things.

Together, the band recorded a cover version of Billy Idol's "White Wedding". A promotional video was recorded for it, in which they mocked popstar singing contests such as the Idol series. It was released as a single in the United Kingdom and they even performed it on the premier UK chart show, Top of the Pops, see it below.

Despite rumors to the contrary, this song is not about Idol's actual little sister. "Little sister" is slang for girlfriend. He is singing about a woman/girl he loves marrying someone else while he still loves her. Idol did have a sister who was getting married, but on an episode of VH1 Storytellers, he explained that his sister's wedding simply gave him the idea for the song. Like many of Idol's compositions, he started with the title and wrote the song from there.

Enjoy today's tune!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

All Them Witches - Elk.Blood.Heart

Heavy, heady and hypnotic, ALL THEM WITCHES concoct a powerful and potent psychedelic sound that fuses bluesy soul, Southern swagger, and thunderous hard rock.

Today's tune "Elk.Blood.Heart" is taken from their transfixing release, "Our Mother Electricity", the band's debut album from 2012.  The tune is a slower piece with a laid back vocal, a great tune from the Nashville, Tennessee group ALL THEM WITCHES.

The band consists of drummer Robby Staebler, vocalist, bassist, and guitarist Charles Michael Parks, Jr., guitarist Ben McLeod, and keyboardist and violinist Allan Van Cleave.


Upcoming Tour dates:

MAY 3 THU Rose Music Hall Columbia, MO, United States
MAY 4 FRI Slowdown Omaha, NE, United States
MAY 6 SUN Red Rocks Amphitheater Morrison, CO, United States
MAY 8 TUE The Criterion Oklahoma City, OK, United States
MAY 9 WED White Oak Music Hall Houston, TX, United States
MAY 10 THU South Side Ballroom Dallas, TX, United States
MAY 11 FRI Austin 360 Amphitheatre Del Valle, TX, United States
MAY 12 SAT Walmart Arkansas Music Pavilion Rogers, AR, United States
MAY 14 MON BJCC Concert Hall Birmingham, AL, United States
MAY 15 TUE Nashville Municipal Auditorium Nashville, TN, United States
MAY 16 WED Fox Theatre Atlanta, GA, United States
MAY 18 FRI Union Bank & Trust Pavilion Portsmouth, VA, United States
MAY 19 SAT Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre Charlotte, NC, United States
MAY 20 SUN Red Hot Amphitheater Raleigh, NC, United States
MAY 22 TUE Diamond Credit Union Theatre Reading, PA, United States
MAY 23 WED Artpark Amphitheater Lewiston, NY, United States
MAY 25 FRI Cool Insuring Arena Glens Falls, NY, United States
MAY 26 SAT Bold Point Park East Providence, RI, United States
MAY 27 SUN Maine State Pier Portland, ME, United States
MAY 29 TUE Blue Hills Bank Pavilion Boston, MA, United States
MAY 30 WED Penn's Landing - Festival Pier Philadelphia, PA, United States
JUN 1 FRI Stone Pony Summerstage Asbury Park, NJ, United States
JUN 2 SAT Pier Six Pavilion Baltimore, MD, United States
JUN 3 SUN Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk Brooklyn, NY, United States
JUN 6 WED Mascotte Zurich, ZH, Switzerland
JUN 7 THU CARIBANA FESTIVAL Crans-Pres-Celigny, Switzerland
JUN 8 FRI Download Festival Newbury, England, United Kingdom
JUN 8 FRI Best Kept Secret Hilvarenbeek, 06, Netherlands
JUN 9 SAT DONNINGTON PARK Newbury, England, United Kingdom
JUN 10 SUN DONNINGTON PARK Newbury, England, United Kingdom
JUN 11 MON AB Box Brussels, Brussels, Belgium
JUN 13 WED Backstage Halle Munchen, Germany
JUN 14 THU Nova Rock Nickelsdorf, 01, Austria
JUN 15 FRI Z-Bau Nuremberg, Germany
JUN 16 SAT Maifield Derby Festival Mannheim, 01, Germany

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