Saturday, January 13, 2018

Skogen - I Döden

Category Six: 
 taken from the annual hard rock evening.

Death, sensitive category for me. Specially as my sister passed away just before Christmas. Try to focus on tunes that have the death meaning wasn't easy even it should be pretty easy to set as most of the rock bands have a tune about death of some kind. So I decided to go deep into the bleak and dark area of music and try to keep it patriotic. The band that crawled on my doorstep was the Swedish SKOGEN (Forest) and "I Döden"(In Death) is a gloomy journey through hollow stone lands that places it's listener on a pedal of northern darkness and death!

Other tunes that was played during this category was.

ZOMBIEKRIG "Evigt Liv" - Cheif Rebel 
(Great Choice from a Swedish Act) 
LIK "Le Morte Homme" - Holm 
(Excellent Swedish Death Metal) 
DRACONIAN "Pale Tortured Blue" - PÖbrink 
(Great pick from the Swedish Death/Doom metal band) 
METAL ALLEGIANCE "Suffargette City" - Hellan 
(Cool Cover of a Bowie classic) 
DECAPITATED "Earth Scar" - MÖbrink 
(Excellent Technical Polish Death Metal) 
AMORPHIS "Death Of A King" - Eriksdotter 
(Excellent Finnish Heavy Metal) 
ÆTHER REALM "Death" - Sandström (Great New Discovery) 
DR. LIVING DEAD "Terror Vision" - Sköldan (Cool Choice) 
PARASITE INC "The Pulse of the Dead
" - Jens 
(Jens Suprice with a New Discovery, Cool tune) SKOGEN "I Döden" - Stones

(Missing songs from two participants).

My Vinyl record with Skogen includes a real cool patch.

Today's tune "I Döden", the title tune from SKOGENs forth album, released 2014. The tune is filmed at Mörkaste Småland, Sweden, 2014.

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