Friday, September 1, 2017

Wired Mind - Jennifer's Dream Of A Switchblade

WIRED MIND is a Heavy three-piece band from Hannover, Germany.

Blissful psychedelic leads with big heavy sun-drenched riffs. Think KYUSS, think COLOUR HAZE, think ASH RA TEMPEL… think again!

"Mindstate:Dreamscape" is combining clear influences from 70s legends such as AMON DüüL II, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD and BLACK SABBATH but with a modern twist.

The album follows a journey into the depths of consciousness. Through cosmic jams and the occasional flourish of heavy, the songs explore the intricate caverns of the mind. Imagine a late summer’s sunset. Picture a voyage through the stars. Envisage a collective of minds united by the groove. This is WIRED MIND. "Mindstate:Dreamscape" is just the beginning. The album was released 28 November 2015

Today's tune "Jennifer's Dream Of A Switchblade" filmed live @ HINTERHOF ARPKE

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