Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hindi Zahra & Fatoumata Diawara - Dounia

Olympic Café Tour is the story of two great friends, women, artists, and Africans whose life rhymes with nomadism, openness, and freedom. Hindi Zhara has roots in Morocco and has released two acclaimed album’s, been compared to great artists such as Billie Holiday and Patti Smith and has been on stages all over the world.

Fatoumata Diawara was born in Ivory Coast to Malian parents, and has also released two albums, acted in tons of films and collaborated with names such as Bobby Womack and Mulatu Astake. They met artistically and personally twelve years ago, on the stage of the Olympic Café in Paris. After twelve years of building bridges between cultures, and spreading modern Africa through the world in their own way, they wanted to be back on stage again. During this tour they will sing songs for each occasion, as well as songs chosen for our pleasure, and of course their own.

Hindi Zahra & Fatoumata Diawara played at Way Out West on the tent scene "Linné" on Friday. Today's tune "Dounia" is a tune they do together.

More info @

Official Hindi Zahra Web

Official Fatoumata Diawara Web

Sorry no Spotify yet on this, hopefully they will record something together in the near future.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Slowgold - Drömmar

SLOWGOLD is Amanda Werne's musical alias. She creates timeless, poetic stories carried out by dreamy prerrie-rock. A reviewer described the music as "falling handless with the knowledge of landing smoothly".

In 2015, SLOWGOLD released the albums "Stjärnfall" and "Glömska". Both albums were celebrated in unison by Swedish and foreign presses. You have after that seen and heard her in all possible contexts. She embraced the cover of Sonic Magazine's big Gothenburg number, where there was also a long interview with her. She sang on several songs on Freddie Wadling's last album and live there, as well as bassist Johannes Mattsson and drummer Erik Berntsson who make up the live version of SLOWGOLD.

At the end of January, Amanda's music guest was on the track and performed, among other things, a version of RATATAs classic "I dina ögon", shouted and shared by none other than Mauro Scocco.

"Drömmar" album was released on 3/2 on Playground Music and is one of the most celebrated albums this year with standing ovations from, among others, Dagens Nyheter, Sonic, Göteborgs Posten and Nöjesguiden.

SLOWGOLD was a called in at the last minute when Beth Ditto, ex front woman in the American rock band GOSSIP.

Today's tune "Drömmar" is the title tune from her last record. This clip is recorded Live from Studio Oodion / Music-A-Matic, In Gothenburg Januari 20, 2017. Enjoy!

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Monday, August 14, 2017

The xx - On Hold

Monday, new week and Im still in Gothenburg, No "Record Of THe Week" this week, Im still influenced by the festival Way Out West, a few days more and hopefully in the middle of week I will do a wrap up and continue on the normal path, so stay with me and get a chance to listen to something totally different that in normal will be played on this blog.

THE XX are for sure one of very few odd and different bands in 21st century Europe. Romy, Oliver and Jamie played in Slottsskogen this weekend at Way Out West!

THE XX are an English indie band formed in 2005 in Wandsworth, London, and currently consists of Romy Madley Croft (guitar, vocals), Oliver Sim (bass, vocals) and Jamie Smith (beats, MPC, production), also known as Jamie xx. They are best known for their distinct and unique minimalistic sound that blends the likes of indie pop, indie electronic, dream pop and electronic rock and the dual vocalist setup of both Croft and Sim.

"I See You" was released in January and is the follow up to THE XXs two previous albums – "xx" and "Coexist" – which have sold over 3 million copies between them, winning a host of accolades along the way. The album marks a new era for the London trio, both sonically and in terms of process. For while xx and Coexist were both made in relative isolation in London, I See You was recorded between March 2014 and August 2016 in New York, Marfa TX, Reykjavik, Los Angeles and London, and is characterised by a more outward-looking, open and expansive approach. "I See You" is THE XX at their boldest yet, performing with more clarity and ambition than ever before.

Today's tune "On Hold" is a song by English indie pop band THE XX. It was released on 10 November 2016 as the lead single from their third studio album, "I See You" (2017). The song was produced by band member Jamie xx as well as frequent collaborator Rodaidh McDonald. The instrumental samples "I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)" by HALL & OATES. Vocals are sung back-and-forth between Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pixies - Where Is My Mind

One PIXIES. There is and have existed and will always only be one PIXIES. When Black Francis caught up with snake with Joey Santiago, Kim Deal and David Lovering in Boston in the mid 80's, to slam art punk, nobody could imagine that now, thirty years later, they would be counted as one of it late 20th century most important band. But so it is. Without PIXIES there would not been a NIRVANA, No BLUR, No WEEZER, Maybe Not even a RADIOHEAD. What poor world we had lived in.

But now, luckily, we live in the world where PIXIES actually not only existed but also exists. Where Black Francis, still a bit rounder but still as intense, shines out his surreal texts about space and biblical violence over an explosive mat of psychedelic noise-surf-punk pop. To quote Black Francis: Death to The PIXIES, long they must live!

During his first incarnation, PIXIES released an EP and four albums, now regarded as bell classics. "Come on Pilgrim", "Surfer Rosa", "Doolittle", "Bossanova" and "Trompe Le Monde" are all classics when critics draw their world's best recordings. In 1993, they split. Black Francis became Frank Black and released solo records and Kim Deal started THE BREEDERS before reconnecting in the winter of 2004. 2013 Kim Deal dropped off and replaced by Paz Lenchantin (but, as we usually say, changing the world's coolest bassist to the world's second coolest bassist Is a so-called luxury problem).

In 2014, the album "Indie Cindy" released the EPs group since the reunion, and in 2016, PIXIES first album came with new material since "Trompe Le Monde" in 1991. "Head Carrier" was well received by critics and audiences and gives the image of a band that still has plenty of miles to walk on its crooked, spicy rock road.

THE PIXIES are an American alternative rock band formed in 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts. Until 2013, the band comprised Black Francis (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Joey Santiago (lead guitar), Kim Deal (bass, backing vocals) and David Lovering (drums). The band disbanded acrimoniously in 1993, but reunited in 2004. After Deal left the band in 2013, the Pixies hired Kim Shattuck as a touring bassist, but she was soon replaced by Paz Lenchantin who eventually settled in as a permanent member.

THE PIXIES music contains elements including psychedelia, noise pop, hard rock, and surf rock. Francis is THE PIXIES primary songwriter; his often surreal lyrics cover offbeat subjects such as extraterrestrials, incest, and biblical violence.

THE PIXIES played at Azalea

Today's tune "Where Is My Mind?" is taken from 1988 debut album "Surfer Rosa". The song was written by frontman Black Francis while he attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst, inspired by his experiences while scuba diving in the Caribbean. He later said he had "this very small fish trying to chase me. I don't know why—I don't know too much about fish behavior." Although the song was never released as a single, it is one of the band's signature songs. A live version of the song recorded at 2004's Coachella was released free through BitTorrent.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lana Del Rey - Love

Not with a bang, more like a hot breeze, Lana Del Rey walked sultrily into or lives back in 2011. In a world of insistent booty shaking, her aura of suave coolness was a welcome change of pace. And that she appeared with a seemingly unending arsenal of strong songs combining the sound of right now with a 60´s-tinged sense of melancholia and ennui made her almost impossible to resist. Ever since she´s been building her alternative universe, a place where David Lynch is locked in a never ending slow dance with Nancy Sinatra and you´re welcome there too. Just slide thru the velvet drapes and don´t make any sudden moves.

After Lana Del Reys breakthrough with the viral sensation "Video Games" and the follow up "Blue Jeans", she released the album "Born to die". It went on to become the fifth most sold album of 2012. Since then she´s released two albums ("Ultraviolence" and "Honeymoon") and three EPs filled with dark, dreamy music. Recently she released the new album "Lust For Life" and it is clear that 2017 will be the biggest year ever for Lana Del Rey.

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant (born June 21, 1985), known professionally as Lana Del Rey, is an American singer, songwriter, and model. Her music has been noted by critics for its stylized cinematic quality, its preoccupation with themes of tragic romance, glamour, and melancholia, and its references to pop culture, particularly 1950s and 1960s Americana.

Lana Del Rey is today's headliner at Way Out West, performs last this evening at Flamingo.

Today's tune "Love" was released on February 18, 2017, through Polydor Records and Interscope Records, as the lead single from her fifth studio album, Lust for Life (2017). The song was written and produced by Del Rey, Benny Blanco, Emile Haynie and Rick Nowels, with additional production by Kieron Menzies. Its release was first teased with promotional posters hung in Los Angeles on February 17, after which the release date was pushed up due to leaked versions of the song surfacing online the same day.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Feist - Pleasure

The last time we received a new album from the Canadian singer-songwriter Leslie Feist was six years ago. With her colourful voice that induces both hope and desperation, and arrangements that features folk-tinged instrumentation as well as distinct rhythmic passages, Feist has become a household name by many. Her stunning catalogue is a work of genius, and even though she released her first piece of music back 1999 not even a single tone of hers sounds dated. This is an artist that succeeds with the noble art of timelessness.

Apart from being a well-known solo artist, Feist is also a part of the Toronto-based collective Broken Social Scene. Her voice can be heard on three albums of theirs, and she will also be featured on their next release that is expected to drop sometime this year. As a solo artist Feist received her big break with “The Reminder” back in 2007. The album, which featured a song highlighted in an Apple-commercial and received four Grammy nominations, introduced FEIST to a whole new audience. With two new projects incoming, 2017 looks like a lot like the year of Feist – just like any other year she decides to release music.

FEIST plays this evening at Azalea.

Today's tune "Pleasure" is the title tune from her fifth studio album "Pleasure", released on 28 April 2017, through Universal Music Canada as a follow up to Metals (2011). Thematically, the album is said to explore "emotional limits ... loneliness, private ritual, secrets, shame, mounting pressures, disconnect, tenderness, rejection, care and the lack thereof.

Upcoming tourdates:

Aug 14 2017 BRUSSELS SUMMER FESTIVAL Brussels, Belgium
Aug 18 2017 LOWLANDS FESTIVAL Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
Aug 19 2017 STEINBERGGASSE – WINTERTHUR Winterthur, Switzerland
Sep 24 2017 MASSEY HALL Toronto, Canada
Sep 27 2017 BELLA CONCERT HALL Calgary, Canada
Sep 28 2017 BELLA CONCERT HALL Calgary, Canada
Sep 29 2017 BELLA CONCERT HALL Calgary, Canada
Oct 1 2017 VOGUE THEATRE Vancouver, Canada
Oct 2 2017 COMMODORE BALLROOM Vancouver, Canada
Oct 4 2017 NEPTUNE THEATRE Seattle, WA
Oct 5 2017 NEPTUNE THEATRE Seattle, WA
Oct 7 2017 REVOLUTION HALL Portland, OR Sold Out
Oct 8 2017 REVOLUTION HALL Portland, OR
Nov 17-19 2017 CLOCKENFLAP MUSIC, West Kowloon, Hong Kong
Nov 20 2017 AKASAKA BLITZ Tokyo, Japan
Nov 21 2017 BIG CAT Osaka, Japan
Nov 28 2017 TIVOLI THEATRE Brisbane, Australia
Dec 1 2017 FORUM THEATRE Melbourne, Australia
Dec 3 2017 OPERA HOUSE CONCERT HALL Sydney, Australia

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ryan Adams - Karma Police

It’s Thursday, It’s Way Out West, let’s pick an artist and play a tune and hey, let’s pick a cover.

Ryan Adams has always walked his own path, regardless of what it’s meant for his career. With a background in Punk, Adams has – via alt-country and classic rock – developed a sound that exists in-between the past and the present. But most importantly, he’s always managed to sound like himself without ever compromising with his creativity. His latest release is called ”Prisoner", and has already been crowned the best thing he’s done since his solo debut Heartbreaker. A classic break-up record, the highly personal album deals with Adams recent divorce and the emotional rollercoaster that followed.

Ryan Adams started his career in the alt-country group Whiskeytown during the 90’s, and released his solo debut soon after the band disbanded. Since, Adams has released 16 studio albums that all have made an impact among his many fans. Stockholm is actually the city that streams Ryan Adams the most in the world, and this summer we will find him not in Stockholm, but in Gothenburg for his first performance at Way Out West, he plays tomorrow in Slottsskogen.

Ryan Adams delivered a haunting, solo acoustic version of RADIOHEADs "Karma Police" during a Saturday spot in January this year on BBC Radio 2. The singer-songwriter stayed true to the epic "OK Computer" ballad, even creatively crooning the eerie, descending vocal melody from the song's bridge.

"Karma Police" is a song by the English alternative rock band RADIOHEAD, released as the second single from their third studio album OK Computer (1997) on 25 August 1997. The song's title and lyrics derive from an in-joke among the band, referring to karma, the Hindu theory of cause and effect. The song became a commercial success, charting at #8 on the UK Singles Chart and at #14 on the US Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart. Critical reception to the single was also favourable. In 2008, the song was featured on the Radiohead: The Best Of compilation album.

"Karma Police" is in a 4/4 time signature and played in standard tuning. The first half of the song is in the key of A minor. The second half (starting with the line "For a minute there") is in B minor. Acoustic guitar and piano are the most prominent instruments in the song, and the chord progression owes an audible debt to The BEATLES song "Sexy Sadie". During the second section, an analog synthesizer imitating a choir is featured.

More info @

Official Ryan Adams Web

Sorry no Spotify on this one, will update the tune if it comes available.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Kikagaku Moyo - Kodama

Magic things can occur when bands pick their influences from different directions, and that´s what´s happened with KIKAGAKU MOYO and their fusion of western psych and folk rock. While they obviously look to the 1960s and nod to the complexity of the 1970s, they see the music through their very own organic, curious and nuanced prism. In recent years, their music has become more focused and concentrated, with some weirdo pop moves penetrated the deep psych. But they´re still a band capable of exploding from softest stillness to pure jap-style noiserock – and that’s why we love them.

Founders Go Kurosawa and Tomo Katsuradas started as street musicians before the rest of the band one after another joined the gang. Their debut was self-released digitally in 2013 before the rest of the world caught on, and in 2014 it was released on vinyl. That same year the band released another two albums – “Mammatus Clouds” and “Forest of Lost Children” – before going on a tour that took them from Austin Psych Fest to Pustervik in Gothenburg. In 2016 the band’s fourth album “House in the Tall Grass” was released on the Japanese label Guruguru Brain.

KIKAGAKU MOYO performs at Folkteatern on Saturday on Stay Out West.

KIKAGAKU MOYO (幾何学模様 Kikagaku Moyō) translates to "geometric patterns.

Today's tune "Kodama" is taken from 2nd album "Forest of Lost Children", enjoy!

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Fantastic Negrito - An Honest Man

Fantastic Negrito is the incarnation of a musician who is reborn after going through a lot of awful shit. In fact, the name Fantastic Negrito represents his third rebirth, literally coming back from death this time. The narrative on this man is as important as the sound, because the narrative is the sound. Songs born from a long hard life channeled through black roots music. Slide guitar, drums, piano. Urgent, desperate, edgy.

Fantastic Negrito is the story of a man who struggled to “make it”, who “got it”, and who lost it all. For anyone who ever felt like it was over yet hoped it wasn’t, this is your music; blues harnessed, forged in realness. For anyone who ever considered getting their old high-school band back together, this is your inspiration. These are singular songs by a true musician who writes and produces. They are his fuel as he embarks on the third comeback of his life.

Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz (born 1968), better known by his stage name Fantastic Negrito, is an African-American singer-songwriter whose music has spanned blues, R&B, and roots music.

Fantastic Negrito plays at Pustervik (Stay Out West) on Saturday

Today's tune "An Honest Man" is taken from the self titled EP, enjoy!

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Official Fantastic Negrito Web

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Band of Horses - The Funeral

Way out West is now in the building state, in a few days the festival will kick in and the music will fly free in Slottsskogen here in Gothenburg. So for the upcoming week we lay all the focus on this festival, music, stories and of course some pictures.

In the mid-oughties a flanellwearing army of american men with guitars once again marched on the recording industry. And, with their beards proudly waving like pennants in the wind, BAND OF HORSES walked first point. Ben Bridwell and his comrades brought a sense of epic mystery to an otherwise earth-bound genre. Each Band of Horses-song bringing the sense of a frail human being singing his questions into the void of the night sky. But after years of searching for inspiration outside — rocky shores, dense woods, desert plains — Ben has, on latest album ”Why are you ok”, uncovered a new conduit by growing roots: being a husband and a father, and channeling the resulting sense of exploration, uncertainty, fear, love, and courage into his music. And, luckily for us, it turns out those more down at home-feelings translate into music just as epic as we´re used to from BAND OF HORSES.

Since forming the band in Seattle back in 2004, Ben Bridwell and his BAND OF HORSES has released five album. Break out album ”Cease to Begin” in 2007 was followed by ”infinite Arms” in 2010, debuting in the US top ten and going on to be nominated for a Grammy. Last years ”Why are you ok” was recorded with help from Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) and Rick Rubin (50% of all good music from the last 30 years).

Today's tune "The Funeral" is a song by the American rock band BAND OF HORSES, taken from their debut studio album "Everything All the Time" (2006). The alternative rock song was written by the band members. The song was released as the debut single from the band and lead single from the album. A live version of the song appeared earlier on the band's self-titled EP, under the original name "Billion Day Funeral".

In August 2009, Pitchfork Media named "The Funeral" the 67th-greatest song of the 2000s. On the surface the video tells the story of a man whose dog has died. Saddened by his loss, the man drowns his sorrows in alcohol. He then drives under the influence and the end of the video suggests he crashes head-on into a delivery truck.

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Official Band of Horses Web

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Affinity - I Am And So Are You

AFFINITY were an English jazz-rock fusion band, active from mid-1968 to January 1972.

The origin of AFFINITY was, circa 1965 in the science department of the University of Sussex in Brighton, England. Three science students Lynton Naiff (keyboards), Grant Serpell (drums), and Nick Nicholas (double bass) had formed the US Jazz Trio, they played at University events and local gigs. When Serpell graduated a year later he was replaced by Mo Foster who had earlier been playing bass guitar in his school band but had now adapted to playing drums.

After university Naiff and Serpell, along with members of other bands gathered from other university bands, formed the pop group ICE. Although ICE was moderately successful commercially it only lasted for about a year before it disbanded.

Although ICE had disbanded, Naiff and Serpell were keen to continue with a career in music. They decided to start a new jazz-influenced pop band. To this end they invited Foster to join them, only this time on bass guitar as Serpell would be carrying out the drummer's duties. After holding auditions they met ex-TRIDENTS guitarist Mike Jopp. They liked his playing and his ability to play both jazz and pop, and perhaps more importantly he had his own amp and a car.

The auditions continued for a singer. They unanimously decided on an English teacher they had met previously, Linda Hoyle.

After obtaining a loan, which was guaranteed by Jopp's father, they bought the equipment needed to start the band. They bought Impact amplifiers, a Hammond M102 organ, a Gibson EBO bass guitar, some microphones and a grey Ford Transit van. They then spent the summer of 1968 rehearsing, writing, and generally chilling out at a rented bungalow on the edge of Brighton. The first thing they needed to do though was invent a name for themselves, eventually they settled on "Affinity" which came from the name of Oscar Peterson's 1961 LP Affinity.

AFFINITY played their first London show at the Revolution Club in Bruton Place in Mayfair, West End on 5 October 1968.

One of the gigs they were playing at the time was broadcast on BBC Radio Jazz Club. Ronnie Scott, heard a recording of the show and subsequently agreed to manage them. He also agreed to give them regular bookings at his world-famous jazz club.

From this point on they were getting lots of live work in London's discotheque and club scene and on the college circuit. They also toured in Europe and Scandinavia and some festivals. They appeared on TV spots, including Disco 2 which was the forerunner to The Old Grey Whistle Test. They recorded the theme for a Shredded Wheat commercial series ("There are 2 men in my life..."). They released an eponymously titled album on the Vertigo label in 1970.

They received many rave reviews, most for the band, but some for individual members, and from Derek Jewell of The Sunday Times, who commented "Naiff is already a virtuso, soul-style, and the whole group is probably the best new thing heard in the jazz-pop area this year." Billboard Magazine described Naiff as "a musician of great promise".[6] Naiff and Foster had to write a second album when Hoyle announced that she'd had enough and wanted to quit both the band and the music business. Her last concert with Affinity was due to have been in Cardiff on 8 February 1971, but the show was cancelled. The actual last performance was 10 February 1971 in Bournemouth's Winter Gardens theatre.

Between February and June that year the remaining members, along with their new keyboard player Dave Watts, continued to play a mini tour with Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band.

In June 1971, it was announced that Affinity were reforming, with original members Jopp, Foster and Serpell plus new recruits Vivienne McAuliffe on vocals and ex-Geno Washington organist Dave Watts (Naiff was by now in Abednego, and by the year's end had joined Toe Fat). A 5-day tour of Holland beginning late June and work on a new album were announced. However, a few weeks later Jopp, Foster and Serpell had all been enlisted by ex-Manfred Mann singer Mike D'Abo to back him on his upcoming US tour, alongside sax/flautist Jack Lancaster.

Today’s tune "I Am and So Are You”, with Brass arranged by John Paul Jones. The tune is taken from the first album ”Affinity" (1970), produced by John Anthony, with a cover design by Marcus Keef.

More info @

Official Affinity Web

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dead Lord - Too Late

The Swedish rockers DEAD LORDs third studio album, "In Ignorance We Trust", is scheduled to be released on August 25th via Century Media Records.

DEAD LORD say’s on their social media:

"We're proud to bring you the audio-phonic motion picture snippet of "Too Late"! We're very excited about having Swedish super celebrity comedian Nour El Refai starring in our music video, as well as some other faces you might recognise. Being late is something we in Dead Lord are very familiar with, and therefore it became the main theme of the video! It's fab, it's hip to the whole scene, it's thrilling, it's everything you ever wanted and more! We give you: "Too Late"!"

DEAD LORDs Hakim Krim, who designed the artwork for "In Ignorance We Trust", commented on the cover as follows: "This album is a buffet filled with goodness-oozing nuggets of facemeltivity. What better way to top it off, than with some flamed fruit for dessert? Cheers!”

Pre-order the album, which was recorded with Ola Ersfjord at Cuervo Recording Service in Madrid, Spain, in the format of your choice, at this location. You can chose between he regular jewelcase version, the limited Digipak version (with bonus material and patch), the LP version (180 gram vinyl, special vinyl mastering, inlay and double-sided poster) or the digital download.

The LP version is offered in the following vinyl colours:

- Black vinyl: unlimited
- Transparent-magenta vinyl: limited to 100 copies, exclusively available at CM Distro
- Petrol-green vinyl: limited to 200 copies, available at various online stores
- Mint-coloured vinyl: limited to 200 copies, exclusively sold by the band
- Orange vinyl: limited to 200 copies, exclusively available at EMP and Nuclear Blast

Today’s tune is the brand new second single "Too Late”, check out the pretty damn cool video. The tune is taken from the upcoming album "In Ignorance We Trust“ Out: August 25th! Director: Hakim Krim and Producer: Döde Herr

In order to promote the hell out of "In Ignorance We Trust", DEAD LORD have not only just announced a headlining release tour supported by NIGHT, but they will also support the great IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC in November. Make sure to catch DEAD LORD on the road right now too....

DEAD LORD - Live 2017:

FR 11.08.2017 Hinterschmiding (Germany) - Fast Open Air
SA 12.08.2017 Königs Wusterhausen (Germany) - Bergfunk Open Air [early show!]
SA 12.08.2017 Plattenburg (Germany) - Aqua Maria Summer Festival

DEAD LORD - "In Ignorance We Trust" Release Tour 2017

WE 30.08.2017 Hamburg (Germany) - Bambi Galore + Night
TH 31.08.2017 Dresden (Germany) - Scheune + Night
FR 01.09.2017 Würzburg (Germany) - Immerhin + Night
SA 02.09.2017 Vienna (Austria) - Das Bach + Night
SU 03.09.2017 Milano (Italy) - TBA + Night
MO 04.09.2017 Frankfurt (Germany) - Das Bett + Night
TU 05.09.2017 TBA
WE 06.09.2017 Lausanne (Switzerland) - Le Cave Du Bleu Lezard + Night
TH 07.09.2017 Köln (Germany) - Underground + Night
FR 08.09.2017 Roeselare (Belgium) - De Verlichte Geest + Night
SA 09.09.2017 Raismes (France) - Raismes Fest + many others (Without Night)
SU 10.09.2017 Nijmegen (The Netherlands) - Doornroosje + Supersuckers & Night
TH 16.11.2017 Leipzig (Germany) - Werk 2


FR 17.11.2017 Berlin (Germany) - Lido
SA 18.11.2017 Eindhoven (The Netherlands) - Helldorado Festival
SU 19.11.2017 Salzburg (Austria) - Rockhouse
MO 20.11.2017 München (Germany) - Backstage
TU 21.11.2017 Nürnberg (Germany) - Der Cult
WE 22.11.2017 Winterthur (Switzerland) - Gaswerk
TH 23.11.2017 Pratteln (Switzerland) - Z7
FR 24.11.2017 Weinheim (Germany) - Café Central
SA 25.11.2017 Bochum (Germany) - Rockpalast
SU 26.11.2017 Hamburg (Germany) - Hafenklang

More info @

Official Dead Lord Web

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Friday, August 4, 2017

The Dead Daisies - Long Way To Go

THE DEAD DAISIES latest studio album "Make Some Noise” was released on August 5, 2016.

Today’s tune "Long Way To Go” was released as the first single from the album is a cool tune with nice hooks, great vocals and intense guitar riffs. Looking forward to listen to the new thingie in a few days. THE DEAD DAISIES consists of band members David Lowy (RED PHOENIX, MINK), John Corabi (MÖTLEY CRÜE, RATT), Doug Aldrich (WHITESNAKE, DIO), Marco Mendoza (WHITESNAKE, THIN LIZZY) and Brian Tichy (OZZY OSBOURNE, FOREIGNER), that equals that this kind of rock 'n' roll has never get out of fashion.

THE DEAD DAISIES were formed by guitarist and songwriter David Lowy, whose keen instinct and clear vision has guided the recruitment of an amazing revolving lineup of renowned musicians since the band's inception in 2012. Initially, Richard Fortus and Dizzy Reed of GUNS 'N' ROSES, plus THE ROLLING STONES band members Darryl Jones and Bernard Fowler, as well as John Tempesta and Charley Drayton of THE CULT, were involved. Lowy has once again enlisted incredibly talented international stars to record "Make Some Noise". "For me as a vocalist, this kind of high-caliber lineup is an absolute dream come true," enthuses Corabi, continuing: "When you work with THE DEAD DAISIES, everybody is amazingly motivated to deliver top performances."

"Make Some Noise", which was superbly recorded and produced by Marti Frederiksen (AEROSMITH, DEF LEPPARD, MÖTLEY CRÜE, BUCKCHERRY) in Nashville in February and March 2016, contains ten originals plus two inspired new incarnations of THE WHO's "Join Together" and CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL's "Fortunate Son".

Today’s tune ”Long Way To Go” is the first single from the new album "Make Some Noise”! it’s also included on the latest ”Live & Louder” album that was release may 19th 2017, enjoy!

More info @

Official The Dead Daisies Web

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Black Country Communion - Collide

BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION (BBC) is an earth-shattering combination of American and British rock influences—a bona fide super group that conveys to the world a simple but important message: These four icons prove that Hard rock is alive and well in the 21st century. Their communion together forms something that is greater than the sum of its parts, creating a legacy being cemented within the halls of music history.

The band took a hiatus in 2013 and focused on their successful solo careers. Recently, BCC recorded a new Studio album and they are excited to perform on stage together again on KTBA IV in February 2018. The reputation they’ve cultivated, not only as amazing songwriters, but as a powerful live act, is only exceeded by their dedication to their craft, and a willingness to challenge and motivate each other to make the best music they can.

“We had around 4 months to write this album, and I think the results speak for themselves,” comments Glenn Hughes. “All four of us wanted to make a record that stood up to the first three albums, however, the new album is more of a progression, as we wanted to be careful not to repeat the previous albums. A lot has happened since we last recorded the Afterglow album in 2013, so, in many ways, the new album shows BCC with a much harder, riffier and bigger and bolder sound. If you’re looking for a folk album, this ain’t the one.”

The band assembled to record ‘BCCIV’ at Cave Studios in Los Angeles in January 2017. The album was mixed at Cave Studios in Sydney in March. The songs on BCCIV will appeal to all fans of high quality hard rock, also those that admire singers of distinction. Hughes is not known as The Voice of Rock for nothing.

In terms of content, ‘BCCIV’ expands upon the progression that took place between the first three albums. With an abundance of heavy riffs, undeniable hooks, melodic flair and infectious choruses, BCCIV is a spectacular album that gets bigger and bolder with repeated spins.

Today’s tune ”Collide” is taken from the upcoming album ”BCCIV”. "I had written the Riff to this song in the morning of the first day of writing BCCIV. Joe came over and I played him the riff, and we finished the song before lunch. I had a feeling that Collide would set the pace for the record”, says Glenn Hughes

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Laibach - Vor Sonnen-Aufgang

On 8 June 2017 LAIBACH announced new album "Also Sprach Zarathustra" to be released 14 July 2017 along with the lead single "Das Nachtlied I" and an accompanying tour. The songs on the album were originally composed for a theatrical production of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, based on Friedrich Nietzsche’s novel of the same name.

LAIBACH (Slovene pronunciation: [ˈlájbax]) is a Slovenian avant-garde music group associated with the industrial, martial, and neo-classical genres. Formed in Trbovlje (at the time in Yugoslavia) in 1980, LAIBACH represents the musical wing of the Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) collective, a group which LAIBACH helped found in 1984. The name "Laibach" is the German name for the Slovenian capital Ljubljana (which was unwelcome in Tito's Yugoslavia).

Richard Wolfson wrote of the group:

LAIBACH method is extremely simple, effective and horribly open to misinterpretation. First of all, they absorb the mannerisms of the enemy, adopting all the seductive trappings and symbols of state power, and then they exaggerate everything to the edge of parody... Next they turn their focus to highly charged issues — the West's fear of immigrants from Eastern Europe, the power games of the EU, the analogies between Western democracy and totalitarianism.

Today’s tune "Vor Sonnen-Aufgang” is taken from new album "Also Sprach Zarathustra”, enjoy! The Video was directed by MICHAEL SAUP and Produced by ANDREAS ERHART

LAIBACH Live 2017:


16th Sarajevo, Sarajevo Film Festival


21st Stavanger, Folken, Kapittelfestivalen


4th Budapest, A 38
5th Prague, Palace Akropolis
6th Vienna, Arena
9th Malmo, Moriska Paviljongen
10th Oslo, Vulcan Arena
11th Stockholm, Kraken
13th Helsinki, Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo
15th Tallin EE, T.R.Theatre of Estonia
16th Riga LV, Palladium Riga
17th Vilnius LT, Loftas Club
19th Wroclaw, Stary Klasztor
20th Berlin, Kesselhaus
21st Dresden, Reithalle
22nd Bochum, Christuskirche
23rd London, Islington Academy
24th Paris, Trabendo

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mando Diao - Shake

The Swedish Pop/Rock/Folk band MANDO DIAO released thier 8th album "The Good Times" on May 12th, this is the band's first new full-length since 2014's experimental ”Aelita". The first single ”Snake” sounds like band is going back to their roots again, still there is some popish dance ground in the ground.

MANDO DIAO is from Borlänge, Sweden. The band got their breakthrough with the release of the album "Hurricane Bar". Their main fan base is in Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan. Band members are Björn Dixgård (vocals, guitar), Carl-Johan Fogelklou (bass), Jens Siverstedt (guitar), Daniel Haglund (keyboard) and Patrik Heinkipieti (drums).

Today’s tune ”Snake” is taken from "The Good Times”, enjoy!

Upcoming Tour dates:

AUG 3 2017 7:00 PM Poland, Kostrzyn Woodstock Festival
AUG 11 2017 7:00 PM Hungary, Budapest Sziget Festival
AUG 25 2017 7:00 PM Switzerland, Glarus Sounds Of Glarus
AUG 26 2017 7:00 PM Switzerland, Alpnach Pilatus on the Rocks, Pilatus Kulm
OCT 13 2017 8:00 PM France, Paris Café de la Danse
OCT 19 2017 7:00 PM Norway, Oslo John Dee
OCT 20 2017 7:00 PM Sweden, Karlstad Nojesfabriken
OCT 21 2017 7:00 PM Sweden, Falun Magasinet
OCT 22 2017 7:00 PM Sweden, Umea Väven
OCT 24 2017 7:00 PM Sweden, Stockholm Cirkus
OCT 25 2017 7:00 PM Finland, Helsinki Tavastia
OCT 27 2017 7:00 PM Sweden, Malmö Kulturbolaget
OCT 28 2017 7:00 PM Sweden, Gothenburg Tragarn
NOV 21 2017 8:00 PM Germany, Dortmund Phoenixhalle
NOV 23 2017 7:00 PM Germany, Berlin Columbiahalle
NOV 24 2017 8:00 PM Germany, Köln Palladium Köln
NOV 25 2017 8:00 PM Germany, Hamburg sporthalle hamburg
NOV 27 2017 7:00 PM Austria, Wien Arena
NOV 28 2017 7:00 PM Switzerland, Zurich Kaufleuten
NOV 29 2017 8:00 PM Germany, München Zenith, die Kulturhalle
DEC 1 2017 8:00 PM Germany, Wiesbaden Kulturzentrum Schlachthof e.V.
DEC 2 2017 7:00 PM Denmark, Copenhagen Lille Vega
DEC 15 2017 7:00 PM Italy, Bologna Covo
DEC 16 2017 7:00 PM Austria, Schruns FIS Snowboard World cup

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