Sunday, January 29, 2017

Icecross - Jesus Freaks

Sunday, time for a classic!

Copenhagen in the autumn of 1972, the crucible for Icelandic hippies, where the Free State of Kristiania held the promise of a better world where everyone was equal, providing according to available resources, partaking as needed. They celebrated the one year anniversary of Kristiania gathered around a great bonfire and promised to turn the Free State into a model of cooperation, togetherness and solidarity – a sort of primal Christianity.

ICECROSS were Icelanders living in Kristiania with big dreams.

For several reasons ICECROSS never made it. But they however manage to cut a record bearing the name of the group. A great record that is really hard to get these days.

There where only 1000 LP copies made. A CD of the original source is in the making, since the one on the market today is a bootleg.

Today's tune "Jesus Freaks" taken from the self titled album by ICECROSS. A nice obscure rock from the 70's, enjoy!

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