Friday, January 1, 2016

Waft - Southern Sky

1:st of Januari 2016. Let's kick of this new year with some real heavy Southern Sludge.

From Greenville, South Carolina we find the psychedelic sludge metal band WAFT.

Founded November 2011 after a meeting at a Hank III show. Initial line-up was Zach Newton on vocals and drums, and Daniel Johnson on guitar. Out of those jams, a decision was made to continue under the name WAFT.

Beeg Newton (brother of Zach's) joined the band on vocals, as did Ricky Tesner on bass sometime around April, 2012. Chris Hunt joins on guitar in September, 2012, and leaves in November. Beeg and Ricky depart at the end of 2012. Dylan Snyder joins on guitar. WAFT plays as a 3 piece without a bass guitarist for a few months. Adam Watson joins as bassist for a brief month-long stint in May 2013. Zach Jeter fills in on bass for few weeks in July, 2013. Alex Angell joins on bass and vocals in August, 2013. Dylan leaves in February, 2014. August 15th, 2014 sees the arrival of Adam Garrett on guitar. WAFT is now a 4 piece. 


This is some real heavy snotty-faced sludge at it's best with an dark gurgling vocals waving around the heavy riffs.

Todays's tune "Southern Sky" is taken from the debut album "Chronolith", released August 14, 2015. Recorded and Mixed by Jay Matheson at The Jam Room. The album was written over the course of 4 years and recorded live over 2 days. "Nothing is true, All is permitted".

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