Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Suede - Pale Snow

The English alternative rock band SUEDE are back with a new album to be release in the end of this week. "Night Thoughts" is the seventh studio album. Produced by long-time collaborator Ed Buller, the album will be released on 22 January 2016. The album will be accompanied by a feature film, directed by Roger Sargent.

The record deals with a lot of familial themes – life, death, love, anguish and despair; themes that are expanded upon in its visual companion, providing a study of how those elements affect the human psyche. It resonated with me for many reasons, not least because my mother passed away a few days after I started writing a story for the film. The film starts with a man drowning in the waters of a deserted beach at night, as he fights for life, his mind plays out the events that lead him to be there.

Mat Osman talked about the writing process:

Neil and Richard pretty much wrote a record, they wrote about 45 minutes of music, lots of which ran into each other and lots of different themes re-emerged. We went to Belgium which were we started recording and basically recorded everything without Bret having any melodies or any words, which he’s never done before, so it was a bit of a leap in the dark. And then he sat down to write to the whole thing and we had no idea if it was going to work, it hasn’t ended up the same, uh since then we‘ve added about 4 songs and cut quite alot of it and moved stuff around. It always started off as a record that was influenced by film music and stuff like that, the way you can have quite meandering pieces and scenes that reemerge, theres lots of stuff on the record that is made up of bits and pieces of other songs.

The formed in London in 1989 and currently consists of singer Brett Anderson, guitarist Richard Oakes, bass player Mat Osman, drummer Simon Gilbert and keyboardist/rhythm guitarist Neil Codling. Having split up in 2003, the Coming Up/Head Music line-up of the band reformed in 2010. The band's original guitarist Bernard Butler left the band in 1994.

SUEDE are:

Brett Anderson - vocals
Mat Osman - bass guitar
Simon Gilbert - drums, percussion
Richard Oakes - lead guitar
Neil Codling - piano, synthesizer, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, additional production

Other personnel

Ed Buller – production
Andy Hughes – engineer
Paul-Edouard Laurendeau – production
Cenzo Townsend – mixing
Joe MaCann – assistant engineer
Tony Cousins – mastering

Today's tune "Pale Snow" is taken from the upcoming album "Night Thoughts"

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