Thursday, January 7, 2016

D-A-D - Laugh 'n' A ½

Today it's time to present category two (Best finish/end song) from the annual hard rock evening that always occur on eve of Twelfth Night.

This category was actually my idea. I believe I had an "Live" ending thinking at that time, you know when see a show and it ends with the tune that you will remember the gig with. Well, when time came to put this together the "Live Show" just vanished from my head and I had to drop that idea, so I put my focus on records instead, there are some cool records with a masterpiece at the end.

So my choice ended up with the Danish rock band D-A-D and the 1991 album "Riskin' It All" where the last tune "Laugh 'n' A ½", a real classic, enjoy!.

This years line up of categories was:

1. Joy of Play and Swing. - CLUTCH "Noble Savage"
2. Best finish/end song. - D-A-D "Laugh 'n' A ½"
3. In The Shadow Of Big Four.
4. Good although they sing in Swedish.
5. Best song from the 2015 best album.
6. God Save The Queen - Pay tribute to England with a song.
7. The song that represents the musical best decade.
8. Best right now

Here are a few of the other tunes that was played during this evening.

OPETH - Blackwater park
I - Shadowed Realms
RAISED FIST - Friends and traitors
IOMMI - In to the night
METALLICA - Damage Inc.
IN FLAMES - My sweet shadow

Tomorrow it's time for a tune in the category "In The Shadow Of Big Four".
Enjoy today's tune!

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