Monday, January 11, 2016

Accept - London Leatherboys

New week and we reached the category six (God Save The Queen - Pay tribute to England with a song) taken from the annual hard rock evening that always occur on eve of Twelfth Night.

This was a pretty hard category if you don't want to put focus on the classic British bands. Also hard to find anything that is good enough to just pay tribute to this country at that time, now afterwords I find a few bands that could suit well for this. So I picked a classic tune "The London Leatherboys" taken from "Balls to the Wall", the fifth album by German heavy metal band ACCEPT. I thought that "The London Leatherboys" is a good tribute to England!

"The London Leatherboys" are a London biker gang, but that's not how many people interpreted the song. "A lot of people say that was a gay song".

This years line up of categories and my choices:

1. Joy of Play and Swing. - CLUTCH "Noble Savage"
2. Best finish/end song. - D-A-D "Laugh 'n' A ½"
3. In The Shadow Of Big Four. - TESTAMENT "Over The Wall"
4. Good although they sing in Swedish. - SKRAECKOEDLAN "Cactus"
5. Best song from the 2015 best album. - TRIBULATION "Melancholia"
6. God Save The Queen - ACCEPT "London Leatherboys".
7. The song that represents the musical best decade.
8. Best right now

Here are a few of the other tunes that was played during this evening.

BOLT THROWER "Killchain"
PARADISE LOST "Enchantment"
CARCASS "Corporal Jigsore Quandary"
CARCASS "Black Star"
VENOM "Long Haired Punks"
AMULET "The Gauntlet"
BOLT THROWER "Warmaster"

Today's tune "London Leatherboys" by the German metal band ACCEPT, enjoy. Tomorrow it's time for a tune in the category "The song that represents the musical best decade".

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