Friday, December 18, 2015

Tune Of Day - Top 50 - 2015 (30-21)

Here is the third batch of 10 records that we have choose to qualify to the best albums that 2015 have given us. Here is the albums between 30 - 21. Today's tune will be publish later on this evening. So here we go! 

30. Graveyard - Innocence & Decadence
"Innocence & Decadence" is GRAVEYARDs 4th album, a really decent one.

29. Sorcerer - In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross
Solid Swedish doom at it's best.

28.Intronaut - The Direction of Last Things
"The Direction of Last Things" is absolutely the best flipped out progressive rock album of 2015.

27.The Exploding Eyes Orchestra - I
"I" is an excellent groovy record in the world of occult rock. The band have five of the seven members of JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES. An magnificent début!

26.Royal Thunder - Crooked Doors
Mlny Parsonz and the gang are back with "Crooked Doors", a dynamic and stellar rock album that is really a emotion-charged chapter in ROYAL THUNDERs career.
25.Planet of Zeus - Vigilante
"Vigilante" is the Greek guys strongest release, heavy fuzzy stoner rock with the same vibe as the far out rockers in CLUTCH.

24.Skraeckoedlan - Sagor
"Sagor" is the best native Swedish stoner rock in 2015 

23.Between The Buried And Me - Coma Ecliptic
"Coma Ecliptic" is odd, strange, way far out and still a well made and beautiful piece of music! 

22. Elder - Lore
"Lore" is the album that starts off with a bang!, wow, "Lore" is without a doubt their best to date. Heavy complex psychedelic rock at it's best.

21. Motörhead - Bad Magic
Health issues don't stop this classic band to release a real Magic MOTÖRHEAD album! These dudes rocks big time!

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