Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wild Throne - Harvest Of Darkness

From Bellingham, Washington comes the space out rock act WILD THRONE. This is a new interesting find where we get rhythms that's are far out spastic and the boundaries are pushed to it's Max.

WILD THRONE consists of Josh Holland (guitar/vocals), Noah Burns (drums) and Jeff Johnson (bass). The band’s sound is a dynamic mix of elements of JUDAS PRIEST, MASTODON, QUEEN, THE MARS VOLTA, classic metal, thrash and progressive rock, creating music that Pitchfork once described as “exhilarating, fun ferocious” and “proof that ambition and skill don’t automatically cancel out heart.”

The volume and brutality of heavy metal, compositional elements of prog rock, atypical time signatures of math rock, along with things not normally found in those genres such as strong melodies, a touch of psychedelia and some old-fashioned, straight-ahead rock ’n’ roll, along with impeccable musicianship, and meld them into a big, multi-layered, many-faceted sound that is completely their own

Today's tune is the title track taken from the album "Harvest Of Darkness" - available 10/2/15 on Roadrunner Records!

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