Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Scale The Summit - Blue Sun

The American progressive metal band SCALE THE SUMMIT, based out of Houston, Texas, have released their fifth album "V" (pronounced Five), it was released on September 18, 2015 on Prosthetic Records. It was mixed by Jamie King and is the band's first album with drummer J.C. Bryant.

SCALE THE SUMMIT was formed in 2004. The band is influenced by other progressive acts such as CYNIC and DREAM THEATER. However, unlike most other progressive metal bands, they have no vocalist and play instrumental music. The band gained notice as part of the Progressive Nation 2009 tour with DREAM THEATER, ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA and BIGELF.

After the first turn of "V" I feel that the complex compositions needs more time to sink in before I can judge the album. "The Migration", the 2013 album looks that have been the ground base for this creation. That one had an fantastic mix between fast-paced technical metal shredding and atmospheric melodies, a piece of art in music. Really looking forward to take a deep dive into "V".

Today's tune "Blue Sun" is taken from the bands latest effort "V", enjoy!

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