Thursday, September 3, 2015

Casablanca - Closer

The Swedish rockers CASABLANCA have released their second single "Closer" from the upcoming album "Miskatonic Graffiti".

CASABLANCA is a Swedish rock band formed in Stockholm 2007, but for almost two years the band was rehearsing and writing songs in secret. On January 10th 2010 they did their first appearance at P3 Gold Awards. The band consists of Anders Ljung, Josephine Forsman, Mats Rubarth, Erik Almström, Erik Stenemo and Ryan Roxie. The two latter are not involved the upcoming album.

"Closer" is the second single (after "My Shadow Out of Time") from the album "Miskatonic Graffiti". The third full-length from CASABLANCA is a concept album based on the Chuthulu mythology, with a twist. The theme of the album is the individual and the collective, two equally important quantities that should exist in harmony for humanity to have a chance. There, in the balance, lays the key to victory or defeat, and the critical code to success or downfall.

The album was produced and recorded in the summer of 2014 in Solna, Stockholm, Sweden by Anders Ljung, Mats Rubarth, Erik Almström and Josephine Forsman, together with technician Jon Bordon.

Today's tune "Closer" is taken off the upcoming album "Miskatonic Graffiti". Video by Cosmic Joke, Director: Alex Taylor, Producer: Shona Brown, Editor: Matthew Sturdy. Cast: Matt: Harry Fitzwilliam-Pipe, Josie: Sarah Eve, Sgt Doom: Peter Garvey and Cthulhu: Himself

The tune "Closer" is about the couple Mat and Josie who find themselves confronted and chased by something or someone who've slipped through the passage to The Mountains, and seems to wanna kill ‘em. The story takes sudden turn, when Sgt Doom joins in. A classic horror story that ends in favor of the victim while the perpetrator ends up facing a cruel death.

"Closer" is a real classic sounding rock tune, with a up tempo that kicks off your feet's in rhythms, the tune is surrounded with a classic riff and packed with an amazing vocal part that snitch up the tune to a well packed HIT. Well done guys!

Quote from the director Alex Taylor:
'When CASABLANCA said they wanted a video that was part Lovecraft part Twin Peaks we couldn't pass on the opportunity to work with such cool influences - and great music too! We used the opportunity to channel found footage horror films through our love of 70's horror like Evil Dead to make something that's hopefully as much fun to watch as it was to make'

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