Thursday, August 20, 2015

Graveyard - The Apple And The Tree

Innocence & Decadence is the title of the upcoming 4:th album with GRAVEYARD and it will see the light of day on September 25th!

”Somewhere between Innocence & Decadence is where you´ll find GRAVEYARD. Hard at work trying to figure out which apples that will fall from what tree. Can you see us? We´re that little hopeless case of a fly in denial – since forever stuck between the piles of shit that your ever repeating life keeps lining up for you”

A band that knows no borders and no limitations at all. Their unique sound, which includes all rock styles, pulls GRAVEYARD out of the masses. Classic rock, blues, jazz, folk - no matter how you call it - the quartet always sounds authentic.

With their big influence of very different genres, GRAVEYARD always remain at the top of what they do - give the listener a wide range of emotions, moods and feelings. Black Sabbath meets Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin meets Janis Joplin ... it could go on longer and longer... If some other bands are considered only for their neo-satanistic attitude or are interested in the rebirth of the old school, GRAVEYARD plays breathtaking melodies, that bring us to a trip into a lost century of true musicality.

After the success of "Hisingen Blues" in 2011, their debut-album "Graveyard" was re-released in the same year.

Just one year later, and the following album "Lights Out" came out, reflecting perfectly the versatility of their songwriting. This album, full of social criticism, is infused with Joakim Nilsson's skills and the beauty of Jonatan Ramm's riffs.

"Innocence & Decadence" has been recorded in the Atlantis Studios in Stockholm (Sweden) alongside both Janne Hansson and Johan Lindström.

The new material will be played live on following places:

16/10 - KB, Malmö
17/10 - Münchenbryggeriet, Stockholm
23/10 - Pustervik, Göteborg

GRAVEYARD lineup 2015:

Joakim Nilsson – Guitar & Vocals
Jonathan Ramm – Guitar
Truls Mörck – Bass
Axel Sjöberg - Drums

Todays tune "The Apple And The Tree" is taken from GRAVEYARD's 4th Studio Album "Innocence & Decadence" set to release on my birthday :)

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