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Alice Cooper - Ballad of Dwight Fry

Today Alice Cooper is widely known for having one of the best live shows in the business, and a lot of that is due to the musicians he brings on the road. Alice always manages to surround himself with a rotating cast of top notch musicians that will literally Bite Your Face Off!

Occasionally when a band member does change, Alice tells them three things: “You’re gonna see the world; You’re gonna get paid, and you’re gonna get stitches!”

Poster from this years performance.

Here is a poster from the last time he visited Gröna Lund

Anyway, Alice with his band and his roadies did a stop at Gröna Lund for a show.
And Stones and I was invited at the aftershow meet, although I was all to tired so we went home
before we got to see them... ah well we will have more time another day to see him.

But I got a chat with my Friend Pat the day b4, he is helping Alice in the show and with his dolls and
the guillotine  :P  here is a photo with him and me 3-4 years ago.

Alice and his gang did a great show and I really liked his new guitarr player, Nita Strauss.

Here is some photos from the show.

It's Sunday today and the last Tune Of The Day before our holiday, so lets play a classic!

The group supported the album with extensive touring. "Ballad of Dwight Fry" was a dramatized set piece in the live show, featuring an actress dressed as a nurse who dragged Cooper offstage and brought him back on straitjacketed in time for the second verse's "Sleepin' don't come very easy / In a strait white vest". At the song's climax, Cooper would break free of the straitjacket and hurl it into the audience. The Love It to Death tour of 1971 featured an electric chair in the earliest staged executions of the singer.

This song is a salute to the actor Dwight Frye, who played maniacal characters in many Universal horror films, including Renfield from the original Dracula (1931). Cooper dropped the "E" from the name to avoid a lawsuit.

The shock rock legend wrote this song with guitarist/songwriter Michael Bruce, who was an original member of the Alice Cooper Group. During his tenure with the band, Bruce wrote or co-wrote many of their biggest hits, including "No More Mr. Nice Guy," "I'm Eighteen," and "School's Out." He also played keyboards and contributed vocals on their records.

The child's voice at the song's intro was actually a woman in her early 20s, who was a friend of the band.

Today's tune "Ballad of Dwight Fry" is a track from Love It To Death, the third studio album by Alice Cooper (the band). Co-produced by Bob Ezrin and Jack Richardson. It also featured the track "I'm Eighteen," which brought the band its first big mainstream hit and became one of Cooper's most recognized songs. The band established their accessible Heavy Metal sound on this collection.

The album also marked the beginning of a productive, long-term working relationship between Cooper and Ezrin. Following Love It To Death, Cooper recruited Ezrin to produce a number of albums for both the Alice Cooper Group and his solo releases. Among the notable albums he produced for Cooper include School's Out, Billion Dollar Babies, Welcome to My Nightmare and Lace and Whisky. Throughout the '70s, Ezrin was one of the most successful and in-demand music producers on the Rock scene. In addition to Cooper, other notable acts he has worked with include KISS, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Dr. John and Rod Stewart.

Ladys And Gents, Here you have ALICE COOPER!

Cheers, Thetania

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