Thursday, March 12, 2015

Beth Hart - Mechanical Heart

Some say there can be no artistry without agony. And the real life-changing events that shape the creative spirit don’t happen overnight.

Beth Hart has been dealing with demons that have pursued her for her whole life: her older sister who died from complications from AIDS when Beth was only 20 and her own battle with drugs, booze, bad relationships, bad decisions and ultimately the diagnosis that tied the knot on the whole damn thing, bi-polar disorder. It’s enough to send anyone into a downward spiral that’s inescapable.

And on face value, her new album, "Better Than Home", is saying, “anything is better than those demons, so I’m gonna go out of my way to create something better than that.”

Beth’s putting those demons behind her, embracing the great things she’s done and the good things she has and looking forward, because no matter how bad things got sometimes, no matter how dark the sky, something always drove her into the light.
And this new album celebrates that with all that firepower she’s been generating over the years.

Beth Hart (born January 24, 1972) is an American singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California, United States. She rose to fame with the release of her 1999 single "LA Song (Out of This Town)" from her second album Screamin' for My Supper. The song also aired during Episode 17 of the 10th and final season of Beverly Hills, 90210. Beth Hart also delivered music to the end-scene of the last episode of Californication season 6, with "My California", Subsequent albums namely Seesaw and Live In Amsterdam by Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa, achieved number 1 status on the Billboard Blues Album Chart. Hart's release Bang Bang Boom Boom rose to number 3 on the Billboard Blues Album Chart, as well as the album Don't Explain by Hart and Bonamassa. Hart has had two number 1 singles in Denmark "As Good As It Gets" and "Learning To Live", as well a platinum selling album, Leave The Light On.

Hart's first album with Bonamassa, Don't Explain, went gold in The Netherlands. In 2014 Hart was nominated for a Grammy Award for Seesaw and she was also nominated for a Blues Music Award in the category 'Best Contemporary Blues Female Artist'.

Hart is married to her road manager Scott Guetzkow, and currently resides in Los Angeles. Her band includes lead guitarist Jon Nichols, bassist Bob Marinelli, drummer Bill Ransom, and guitarist P.J. Barth. Her manager is David Wolff. She has overcome drug addiction.

The upcoming album "Better Than Home" will be released worldwide on Provogue/Mascot Label Group in April 2015.

Todays tune "Mechanical Heart" is one of the singles from the new album "Better Than Home".
The track, is her love song to Scott:

If only I had a human touch
I’d give you the love you deserve so much

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