Friday, February 13, 2015

Orden Ogan - F.E.V.E.R

ORDEN OGAN are the most promising band of the new power metal generation. The band was formed in 1996 by Sebastian Grütling (drums) and Sebastian Levermann (lead vocals and guitar). The Germans plays power metal with progressive and folk metal elements.

They currently have 3 demo albums and 5 full-length albums and are signed with AFM Records. The fifth album "Ravenhead" was released on January 16th 2015 (EUR) and February 03rd 2015 (US). They achieved international breakthrough with "To The End" (2012) and the latest looks pretty promising. "Ravenhead" is mixed by Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann at Greenman Studios.

The "Ravenhead" is also released as a Ltd.Gatefold/Colored Vinyl/180 Gramm

They are also the organizers of the German metal festival WinterNachtsTraum, which has featured such bands as Rage, Sinister, Axxis, Ensiferum, Van Canto, and Agathodaimon

The band is out on tour in Europe atm with Hammerfall and Serious Black, see dates below.

Current members:

Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann - Guitars and Lead Vocals
Tobi - Guitars
Nils - Keyboards and Backing Vocals
Niels Löffler - Bass Guitar
Dirk "Ghnu" Meyer-Berhorn - Drums

Upcoming tourdates:

Feb 09 PPC w/ HammerFall Graz, Austria
Feb 10 Arena w/ HammerFall Vienna, Austria
Feb 12 Huxleys Neue Welt w/ HammerFall Berlin, Germany
Feb 13 Markthalle w/ HammerFall Hamburg, Germany
Feb 14 Wartenberg Oval w/ HammerFall Fulda, Germany
May 24 T.B.A Ravensburg, Germany
Jul 10 ROCK HARZ OPEN AIR Ballenstedt, Germany
Jul 16 BANG YOUR HEAD OPEN AIR Balingen, Germany

More info @

Official Orden Ogan Web

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