Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sleep - Dragonaut

Today it's time to present category three (Best 90's) from the annual hard rock evening that is always on eve of Twelfth Night. To follow up the theme and the red thread for this years record I decided to take a trip to San Jose, California where we find the ultimate stoner doom band "Sleep".

A band with strong influence of heavy metal and of course the heaviness and doomish from the masters Black Sabbath. I did choice a great track named "Dragonaut", as soon as you hear the intro from todays tune, you know you'll bein for one hell of a ride... the tune has one of the most memorable, hummable riffs in doom.

The tune is taken from Sleep's "Holy Mountain" (1992),  The album is widely considered a seminal album in the evolution of stoner metal. The album's release was followed by a potentially lucrative offer from London Records, and Sleep signed with them. Around this time, Earache released its first Black Sabbath Tribute album, and Sleep contributed a cover of "Snowblind".

This years line up of categories was:

1. Best 70's - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
2. Best 80's - Candlemass - Solitude
3. Best 90's - Sleep - Dragonaut
4. Best 00's
5. Best 10's
6. Free Card
7. Free Card
8. Free Card

Enjoy todays tune, it's a real classic!

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