Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ruby the Hatchet - Paralyzed

Ruby The Hatchet's brand of psychedelia-laced Stoner Rock is filled with sinister sorcery. With the gorgeous and seductive singer Jillian Taylor that sneaks out at night and enchants everything in her environment with some real divine poetics that may get any living soul in trance.

The band consists of:

Jillian Taylor: Vocals
John Scarperia: Guitar
Michael Parise: Bass Guitar
Owen Stewart: Drums,Vocals
Sean Hur: Organ

The Eliminator 7” EP features the tracks “Paralyzed” and “Eliminator” and is available on translucent blood red or milky clear vinyl!

Paralyzed: Recorded and mixed by Joseph Boldizar at Retro City Studios. Eliminator: Recorded and mixed by Sean Hur in the depths of The Hatchet House dungeons. Album Artwork: Adam Burke

Todays tune "Paralyzed" is taken from the "The Eliminator EP", released 25 February 2014

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