Friday, January 2, 2015

Panzer - Death Knell

Panzer is a new "supergroup" comprised of Frank; vocalist and bassist Schmier, best known as frontman of Destruction; drummer Stefan Schwarzmann (ex-Accept, Running Wild) and guitarist Herman Frank (ex-Accept)

Accept on December 28 announced that it had parted ways with Frank and Schwarzmann due to "scheduling and other conflicts beyond our control."

Herman joined Accept in 1982 shortly before the release of the band's "Restless And Wild" album and exited the group for the first time after the arrival of 1983's "Balls To The Wall" LP.

When Accept reunited for festival appearances in 2005, Herman handled second-guitar duties alongside founding axeman Wolf Hoffmann, with Schwarzmann sitting behind the kit.

Frank and Schwarzmann were involved in Accept's comeback with new singer Mark Tornillo and have appeared on their last three studio albums: 2010's "Blood of the Nations", 2012's "Stalingrad" and 2014's "Blind Rage".

A note from Accept:

"Accept would like to thank Herman Frank & Stefan Schwarzmann for being with us these last 4 + years, for making themselves available whenever needed and for rocking their asses off! We and the fans all knew that they had their own careers and that eventually we would run into scheduling and other conflicts beyond our control. Herman and Stefan are now ready to take on the world, with their own band “Panzer”, a Nuclear Blast Record deal under their belts and a new album!

We are parting as friends and wish them nothing but success!

We ourselves are getting ready for 2015 – another year of heavy touring! We would like to say thanks again to our fans around the world for their huge support and for the fantastic year 2014!

The Blind Rage World Tour continues in 2015 and it will be interesting to see how Accept recruits.

Todays tune "Death Knell" is taken from their debut album, "Send Them All To Hell", on November 28

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