Saturday, January 17, 2015

Alpha Tiger - We Won`t Take It Anymore

From Saxony, Germany we find a classic heavy metal band "Alpha Tiger", their musical journey goes back to metal of the 1980s, which is interpreted in an individual, speedy way, a cocktail of speed metal, power metal, heavy metal and a big dose of The New Wave of British Heavy Metal. A band that have drawn my attention with the latest release.

The high and characteristic vocals of Stephan Dietrich and the driven harmonic dual guitars presents powerful, high-velocity metal, which got its final polish by being recorded in metal veteran Karl Walterbach’s (ex-Noise records) studio.

Can hear both Helloween & Queensryche as major influences, though in a modernized version, but still classic. The album’s lyrical concept deals with the loss of individuality in today’s mass society and the growing Orwellian tendencies in the western world.

The band started as "Satin Black" founded in 2007 before they changed the name to "Alpha Tiger" in early 2011. In 2014, did the band signed a deal with Century Media and the brand new 3:rd album "iDentity" got released on 16 January 2015.


As Satin Black

2008: Harlequin (Album)
2010: Martyr’s Paradise (EP)

As Alpha Tiger

2011: Man or Machine (Album)
2013: Beneath The Surface (Album) (auch als Limited Fan Edition mit Bonus Live CD)
2015: Identity (Album)

Alpha Tiger consists of:

Stephan Dietrich - Vocals,
Alexander Backasch - Guitar,
Peter Langforth - Guitar,
Dirk Frei - Bass,
David Schleif - Drums

Todays tune "We Won`t Take It Anymore" is taken from the latest and 3:rd album "iDentity", released 16 January 2015.

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