Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gareeda - Last Orders

Gareeda is a Heavy rock trio from Edinburgh, Scotland. Formed in the first quarter of 2010 following turbulent times in not just the local music scene, but the UK, Gareeda formed over a mutual taste in music, principles and methods of consuming bourbon.

The original line-up of Stu Gordon, Tommy Concrete, Michael Branagh & Toni Martone quickly entered the studio and started writing the first album. Following an offer to join The Exploited as guitarist, lyricist and singer Tommy had to step aside due to touring commitments. Following a search of replacements, Gareeda recruited Stu Lillis to take the mic, bringing his own take on Tommy's outstanding lyrics.

Gareeda's sound is a mix of bits from blues, metal, fuzz, rock and roll, stoner and booze that reminds of Queen Of The Stone Age, with blistering riff from guitarist Stu Gordon they kick of todays tune "Last Orders" that has a very catchy groove, very US desert sound, me like and you should check this up!

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