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Triumph - Rock N' Roll Machine

Rock & Roll Machine was the second album by Canadian hard rock band Triumph, released in 1977. The album was released on RCA Records in the US in 1978 and again on MCA Records (MCA-1455) in 1980. The album resulted in the band's first hit single, a cover version of Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way". Depending on the country of issue, the album may also be named Rock and Roll Machine or Rock 'N' Roll Machine. The MCA issue is noteworthy in that the album was re-mastered by Bob Ludwig at his Masterdisk location as opposed to the original RCA which was mastered by Jack Adelman at RCA.

The album was originally released only in Canada, but when the band signed an international deal with RCA Records in 1977, the international edition of the album was re-sequenced to include some of the tracks from their self-titled Triumph (1976) album. The album was released for a second time in Canada, with a different cover than the original one or the international one, using the re-sequenced tracking from the international version.

Todays tune is the title track from the album "Rock & Roll Machine"

The song was written by Gil Moore and had existed as part of Triumph's stage act as far back as 1975. Recorded live during the three-week sessions for the album, the song discusses a band, described as a machine, who destroys the audience with its speed, fury and intensity.

Though the song was written and sung by drummer/vocalist Gil Moore, it is noted for it is lengthy guitar solo performed by Rik Emmett.

Triumph's performance footage from the US Festival from May 29, 1983,

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