Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Port Noir - Tide

Hey all !

How are u doing? Im fine Thanks.
Just a bit much to do. Going out on the first tour dates tomorrow.
Thats gonna be fun, but lotsa to do.

Today im gonna show u a band that I encounter at Debaser Slussen first time.
A Swedish, Södertälje band that plays a lot of diffrent kinda tunes.. this tune is kinda dreamy but heavy at the same time. I really like the drummer guy, the sound he gets on his drums is really cool.

They write on their homesite:
"The history of Port Noir is both improbable and fantastic. As late as in November 2011 Andreas "AW" Wiberg (drums), Love Andersson (vocals, guitar) and Andreas Hollstrand (guitar, backing vocals) decided to meet up in a rehearsal room in their hometown Södertälje, outside of Stockholm,Sweden. They were all tired of playing music with people lacking the same level of ambition and wanted to create something new and fresh. Something beyond musical boundaries and invisible frames.
-- We were seeking the freedom to do exactly what we wanted to, explains Andreas Hollstrand. "

"The members come from very diverse backgrounds (black metal, jazz, alternative rock, death metal, hardcore, progressive rock....), yet "Puls" proves that the band knows exactly where it is at and where it is heading. They are moving forward and upward -- at a very fast pace."

At the 25th of September they have the release on their debut album.

For more info look @ Homesite

Ladys and Gents, Here is Port Noir!

Cheers, Thetania

Photos are taken from their FB site.

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