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Terrortory - New World Order

Dudes and dudettes - it is time to reveal a bit more of who this madman Chief Rebel Angel really is.
As you probably know (that is, if you could bother to read through all of the text from yesterdays post), I have decided to give Stones and Thetania here at Tune Of The Day a bit of a vacation, and more or less taken over for a while.
Starting out with some information and rather pointless ramblings, I told the story of how I came to meet the geniuses behind Tune Of The Day, and why they actually gave me the chance to use this space...
...who the hell am I, then?

Well, I'm a thirty-something (hmmrpf... for at least like half a year more) rocker with less hair on my head than on my back. I live, as stated in yesterday, in the same town outside of Stockholm as Stones and Thetania - Tyresö. My family is made up of one (1) wife, two (2) kids, two (2) rabbits and more aquirum fish than I care to count, and I normally spend my days being an more or less pointless in an office. Officially I am paid for selling stuff within IT, inofficially I try to educate my fellow co-workers and office neighbours on what music is hot and what is not.
The next copule of days or so, the main focus on the songs being picked will be rock, metal and extreme metal, all in a mess and more or less connected to the subject of the day and the post.
So - why does this post start off with a pic of a building, but-ugly and all?
The building is the head office for Skellefteå Kraft, the local power company in my old hometown Skellefteå.
That town is home to me, and I thought that the subject of the day should be those roots.
I grew up when Skellefteå was a big indie-pop town, and bands like THIS PERFECT DAY, HARDY NILSSON and THE WANNADIES ruled the genre.
THE WANNADIES even made a blistering song that is really the heart and soul of that time and that place, called "My Hometown". That song is still played on the local ice hockey games, and at first I was thinking that it would be a good song to accompany this post.
My second thought was to have something new instead, just not to be an old fart that gets caught up in nostalgia, so I thought better of it.
Or not.
Ahh.. what the hell, it is a great song and I make the rules right now!
This is a bonus from back in the days.
 Man do they look young!

So, I grew up with the imagination of bands from Skellefteå being the best there is.
Local heroes. later on, they turned a bit heavier and harder (STARDOG, CARPE WADE), but somehow I've always kept that special connection with home.
I tend to look upon bands from Skellefteå with tender eyes and open ears.

(Right about now, I feel that this post is rapidly turning into something I hade no idea it would be, and I  apologize for the complete lack of structure. Let's see if we can tuyrn this around to something better!)

Perhaps the reason that I still favour bands from my hometown, as well as tell people that is were I am from even though I haven't lived in Skellefteå in almost 20 years now is that it was such a happy time?
Being allowed to just be a kid. Play ice hockey. See the local bands grow kind of big on a national level. Overdose on rock music. Chase girls and fail.
In short, I am a product of my environment, and the basics came from the northern town of Skellefteå.
Stones tend to love all music with a resemblance to LED ZEPPELIN (or at least that is what we tease him with every time we meet in january, the hole Tyresö metal Society), probably because a) he grew up with it and started to love music to the band, and b) it somehow fitted perfectly in to the environment he was in at the time.
Or not.
I really have no idea, I am more or less trying to save this post.
As you have probably noticed, it does not say a lot of who Chief Rebel Angel really is, just a bunch of political talk around stuff instead.

And there is a reason for that.
It is very hard, if not impossible, to describe a personality in text.
Instead, we'll look at the different perspectives of my persona from a musical point of view over the upcoming posts. Some examples of stuff to come:
  • I have kids. I try to influence/indoctrinate them with the correct (distorted) music.
  • Obsession. I get obessed/possessed over and by great records. Perhaps more than what is healthy. Something I definately have in common with mr Stones...
  • The Tyresö Metal Society (it actually sounds way cooler in english, in swedish we say Hårdrockssamfundet). A psycho-analysis for dummies.
  • All-Star band of my mind. If I could rule the universe and force a couple of egos to form a band together.
So. All in all, we can consider this post a shallow presentation, and we'll take it from there.
To accompany this, I have chosen a piece from Skellefteåband TERRORTORY, properly named "New World Order".

The video is taken from the 2013 EP "City Of Ghosts", and it is a kick-ass song of riff-based, neo-classical deathmetal. Kind of. (read: I have no idea how to lable this, and try to cover that up by throwing random words together).
I did an interview with the bands guitarrists Stefan Widmark and Emil Ceder (the band is completed by Johan Norström on vocals, Olov Häggmark on bass guitar and Tommy Nilsson on drums) before the EP was released or recorded, so for me it is extra fun to hear the material that the band spoke of at that time. You might not care (and, as usual, the interview is in Swedish...), but I still think you will appreciate the song, especially if you are into the more aggressive sort of metal.
And if not, you got a bonus with THE WANNADIES. Do not forget that.
Two shades of my hometown.
Of me.

Who are you, described in a song?

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