Saturday, August 31, 2013

Kate Nash - Fri-end?

During this weekend my ears is filled with pop again. The music festival Popaganda is running at Eriksdalsbadet, Stockholm, Sweden, on the 30th-31st of August 2013.

The Popaganda festival and club are arranged by the Popaganda organization in association with Luger. This year is the sixth time that the Popaganda festival is arranged at Eriksdalsbadet in Stockholm. It is the eleventh festival since the start in 2002, back then located on the campus of the Stockholm University.

One of the artist on my stage yesterday was Kate Nash, a girl that I do like, even if she has become more crazier than last time I saw her live, but this was really good.

In the mid-00's Kate Nash became one of the leading figures of the so-called "MySpace" artists, got a record deal and hit big. She got an explosive breakthrough in 2007, when her debut album "Made of Bricks" reached the British album chart first place.

Six years later and two additional albums into her career, she started her own label and focused more and more on guitar-based Riot Grrrl-punk rather than kind piano-pop. And the new turn is pretty cool and last night it was pretty crazy on the stage when a bunch of kids was invited to dance with her, so that the entire stage swayed, almost so that the stage floor went to pieces. Lucky that it didn't break.

Todays tune "Fri-End?" taken from the third album "Girl Talk". Nash self-released the album under Have 10p Records along with Fontana in March 2013 after she raised money for the album on PledgeMusic. Girl Talk has received mixed to positive reviews from critics. Featuring a heavier rock-influenced sound, the album is a noticeable departure from her first two indie pop albums. Lyrically, it draws a lot of influence from the Riot Grrrl movement. Girl Talk did not achieve the chart success of its predecessors, and its singles "3AM" and "OMYGOD!" failed to chart. The third Single "Fri-End?" from Girl Talk will be released on 7 October.

The vinyl LP version of the record was pressed by United Record Pressing in Nashville, TN.

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Anonymous said...

Vi är ett gäng som har hjärta för musik och har precis släppt en låt med 3 stycken svenska/engelska rappare! Lyssna gärna och ge respons vad du tycker. PEACE