Monday, August 26, 2013

Entombed - Chief Rebel Angel

Friends, good & evil people - this is the end.
Well, not for Tune Of The Day, but rather for The Rebel Angel Ramblings.
Tomorrow, Stones and Thetania will be back in the coal mine again, slugging out all these wonderful tunes and little golden nuggets of information, and you will be let off the hook.
The posts will start to make sense again, and follow some kind of logic.
Hopefully, you've enjoyed this week, and not lost all interest in TOTD.
I hope not.

Also, I know I promised that we were going to look into some tunes taken from my All-Star Fantasy Band, but...
a) My nick-name is Chief Rebel Angel. If the rebelling angel was cast from heaven and thus invented hell, you just know a guy called the Chief Rebel Angel cannot be trusted.
b) I thought I was going to do it at the time I promised it, but... I just got so carried away with all the other stuff. Perhaps the planning should have been a bit more thought through, but there you go....

Is there a better way to say thanx than letting the almighty ENTOMBED rock away in the song from wich I have stolen the nick-name?
Probably not.
I can't think of one, anyway.
Well.. maybe I can.

ENTOMBED doing "Chief Rebel Angel" at the  Stockholm Royal Ballet, thus combining beaty and cruelty in a perfect way!

Like it?
It is taken from the Swedish Grammy Awards, and also leads in to the final words of this series.
A bit of a reflection from my side. Some thoughts:
  • It is quite difficult to find good quality video material at YouTube, especially if you are looking for something a bit more obscure. in retrospect, all the tunes I have chosen are "safe bets", and you probably know all of them already. Sorry about that..
  • It has been FUN! At least for me... :)
  • It has been quite a lot of work, perhaps especially as I have not let my own blog Metal! rest during this week... Not the wisest of moves, but then.. perhaps that is not my best charasteristic quality! 
Perhaps we will see each other again, perhaps The Rebel Angel Ramblings will be back. If you want it to, you'll have to say so - especially to the Tune Of The Day guys Stones and Thetania.
Thanks for letting me ramble on, thanks for reading.
See ya!

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Official Entombed Web

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2 kommentarer:

Spader Ess said...

Klart värdigt inhopp! Tack för bra artiklar.

Stones said...

Tack för denna tid Chief, du är alltid välkommen tillbaka när du känner att du vill bidra med dina artiklar.

Ett stort tack för ditt bidrag, otroligt läsvärt och inspirerande.