Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Deep Purple - Burn

Today, I promise that the post will a lot more orderly and structured than yesterday, even though it starts off with two pictures that, really, has almost nothing to do with today's song.
We'll get back to why the post starts with two records named "Made In Japan", but by two different bands (some connection between them though), from two different ages, but first - let me tell you some secret stuff about me and Stones.
Or, actually, very first off - let's do a quick recap of the reason that this post is made at all.
No - you have not come to the wrong place, you're at Tune Of The Day.
No - this is not a hostile take-over of that site.
Yes - they are on vacation, Stones and Thetania, leaving Chief Rebel Angel in charge for a few days.
Normally, I spend my days over at Metal!, writing and mumbling in Swedish, but I now have the oportunity to do some posts here at Tune Of The Day when the guys are off.
If you've read the last few days you know everything abaout it.
If not, you'll have to scroll down and find out for your self. Or not.
You could start here as well.
What we will do is tell some secrets today.
Of me, and of Stones, and probably one of the reasons that he asked me to do these posts.

We are both recordaholics.

In a world were more and more people tend to stop bying records, there are people like us.
We could probably have become alcoholics or gamblers or other addictional people, but instead it is the need for records that drives us.
Let's call this Recordaholics.
Some of this you've been invited to under the Record Madness-banner below, but I'll go a bit beyond that today..
You see - Stones in a worse state than me.
Let's say that on a recordaholic scale of 1-10 (1 being that you buy a record every now and then but mostly listen to digital copies and streamed music - 10 being that your spose has left you and your have had to move out of the house and are now living at Shurgard with your records, only eating oatmeal as you spend all of your money on records) I would be a 5 or 6, and he would be one step ahead of me at 6 or 7.
He has a big pile of records that he felt compelled to buy, but have not had the time to listen to.
I do as well, but I'd say my pile is a bit smaller...and I think I go through mine quicker.
Hell, for all I know, he can have the entire Mk II DEEP PURPLE line up stuffed away in a closet at home somewhere - but for sure, he has a lot of records lying around. Vinyl and CD.
So, we are more or less the same in that way.
A great record can turn our life around, more or less, and become the one thing that possesses our minds (that is material for another day though, that complete and total devotion to a record that we both share), and we need to have it in a physical copy.
To read the liner notes, lyrics, facts.
To get that feeling.
To respect history of the classics, something that brings us to the top pictures.

I love David Coverdale. He is one of my all-time favourite singers, and I admire more or less everything he has done.
This year though, he crossed a line.
Not the fact that he produced two live albums (inc DVD) within 3 months, a crazy thing to do in it self, but he named one of them "Made In Japan".
That is not okay, not from a recordaholics perspective. (The other one is named "Made In Britain - The World Record")
That name is forever a registered trademark, sort of, to DEEP PURPLE, and should not be property of WHITESNAKE. Regardless of my love for the man.
Without having any idea of Stones thoughts abaout this, I think it is a good piece of the puzzle in order to get to know a recordaholic.

So. Instead of getting even more agitated and worked up about this, I'll back down to one of the greatest songs made in the seventies.
From banck when Deep Purple had Coverdale as lead singer (well, with good help from a certain Glenn Hughes...).
A classic.
DEEP PURPLE "Burn", live from California -74!

Some things to reflect on:
1) They look young at the point, but still... the charasteristic Coverdale-workout with the mike stand is already there. Cool.
2) The rainbow in the background. Symbolic, considering what was to follow with Ritchie Blackmoore...
3) What they call HQ (High Quality, I hope it means, otherwise this point is quite stupid) back in the days is not really what we call HQ today. Still, you can hear that this band is great, and that the musicians are faboulous.

What an album it is!
I recommend the Remastered anniversary version, as I am a recordoholic as well, and not only do you get a better sound with all those great songs (I mean... "Mistreated"... great song as well!), you also get a lot of fun stuff, liner notes and original recordings.
Stones, of course, will have this on vinyl, in original mint condition.
We are the same but different.

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