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Bombus - Enter The Night

Ooooohhh.... it is only just over 4 months left to one of the best days of the year. Every year. Yes - I am talking of the Annual Metal Night (or, as it is called in swedish, "Hårdrockskväll"), taking place every Twelfth Night (Trettondagsafton, again in swedish).
It is quite a simple idea from the start, that has grown to become less simple - and today, I am going to psychoanalyze and ramble on abaout the different personalities that are a part of this.
First off - some background and information so you are all on the same page here.

It started out some 5-7 years ago with a friend of mine that had this idea of a party. He said, "create a burned CD with some 10 songs that you think are classics and join us next friday".
Brilliant idea, as we then proceeded to play through every friends CD and drink beer during we laughed at each others horrible taste and sense of what a "classic" was.
The concept, of course, was way to good to just let go.
That was 2007, if I'm not mistaken.
Now, the concept has grown a lot, and the people have changed some.
The friend that started everything with his idea has not been a part of the Tyresö Metal Society since then (even though I hope to get him on board every year!), and everything is way more organized.
We shift host (best that way, as the neighbourhood tends to get a but sceptic after a day and a night of 15 hours metal on maximum volume) every year, and the host has heavy obligations.
He buys beer, snacks and liquor in advance.
He makes sure there are seatings so that all of us (we are 12 at the moment) can fit in there.
He orders/makes food and the night snack (usually pizza and hot dogs later on, a bit of a cliché but.. hey, we're rockers that are drinking beer. We ARE a cliché!)

The biggest difference has been on the songs though.
We have a spreadsheet with all of the different cathegories we can think of (Best Song Live, Best Black Metal, Best Guitar rif, Best Drumming, and so on), and every autumn we meet up to do the very serious voting.
Each member has 10 points that he can distribute as he pleases (so you can place all of your points on one cathegory, or 2 points on five differnt cathegories each, or.. well, you understand. It is also possible to use them negativily, so you can make sure that a certain cathegory you do not like is winning). Everyone wotes, either remotely or on site, and you have to decide how you are going to vote before it all starts.
In the end, the cathegories with the most points gets to be represented at the upcoming Twelfth Night.
We coose 7 songs, to be completed with the ever present number 8 cathegory "Best Right Now".
So, each member brings a CD with 8 tracks on them.
12 members.
That is quite a lot of music, and we play them cathegory by cathegory (so, everyones number on track first, that is also the cathegory with the most points in the voting).
It is a great evening, and for a lot of us it starts sometime in august or september when we try to decide wich songs we are going to be presented.
It's all a secret to the others, and it is not uncommon to try and find something very obscure that no one has ever heard before (and that is still, of course, kick-ass great).

So - the gang then.

It'r really not a pretty sight, but it is a merry bunch.
Instead of naming every one, I'll do my own versions of who we are... from a mocking perspective!
There is The Black Metal Guy, The Power Metal Guy, The Grunge-and-Rock Guy, The Metal Core Guy, The Guy That Always Get Really Drunk, The Other Guy That Always Get Very Drunk, The Guy That Tries To Introduce New Songs As Well As Classics Because He Can Never Decide (that's me!), The Guy Who Looses His Record On The Subway On The Way There...
In short, we are very much unlike each other - even though we are all rockers.
That is probably the key as well, as the night would be boring (musically) otherwise.
After all, 12 records of 8 songs each results in.. some 9 hours ofmusic if every song is roughly 5 minutes. We start at around 3 pm, so we finish around midnight, heads ringing and ears bleeding.

Stones is part of the Society, Thetania is not. At the moment, at least, the difficulty is rather the amount of people than anything else.
Stones is perhaps the type of personality that is best for the rest of us, as he constantly brings two things to the table:
a) the ugliest merch t-shirts
b) new, never heard of and exiting music for the rest of us the check out further

Yes. This is the Stones tee from last time. It is, to be nice, not a heavy metal tee....

However - the tune for today is a brand spanking new song, from a band that Stones have NOT played at anyone of these occasions, but that is something I feel is typical for him and that might just have been something he pulled out of his hat.
It is Gothenbourg rockers BOMBUS, with the new video for "Enter The Night", taken from the new "The Poet And The Parrot".

Excellent song, excellent video - and the perfect way to honour Stones.
BOMBUS has released two records, "the Poet And The Parrot" being the sophomore outing after the self titled debut.
The band consists of the following dudes:

As you can see, these guys are your typical rockers, and I am a bit surprised that Stones have not already pushed them to the Metal Society, especially since he reviewed the debut for Werock.
Interesting to see if he includes them this time, even though I do not think so.
Stones is of another sort.
He wants to surprice.
To reveal something unexpected. I'm half way there but so far have been a bit of a coward and included some known tunes as well, sort trying to eat the cake and have it at the same time...

However - this year, the Society has decided to do something a bit different.
There will be no voting, and instead we will have a free year.
Bring 8 great songs.
That, my friends, seem to turn out an even bigger challenge, as there are no framework at all to relate to, and I have already started fretting about songs that are fan-fucking-tastisc but probably will not make it to the final version of my record...

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