Monday, May 9, 2011

Rush - Witch Hunt

Hey there People!
Im slowly getting back after last week.... :D
Okey so today's tune is the Friday gig at the Stockholm Ericsson Globe Arena Rush!

I came pretty late, so i didn't manage to take any photos at the gig.
But I took some b4, I was totally amazed over his (Neil Peart) drum set.
It was in a reddish/goldish color, with alchemical signs on it.
Totally Awesome! Look below)

I just heard the last songs, they sounded good although his (Geddy Lee) voice wasn't like it use to be, but hey that's okay.

For u that don't know ure Rush its a Canadian rock band that begun in 1968, more than 40 years of activity has provided Rush with the opportunity for musical diversity across their discography. As with many bands known for experimentation.

I picked a tune from their album "Snakes & Arrows Live", according to drummer and lyricist Neil Peart, inspiration for the title of the album was conceived after considerable research from several sources; the 2000-year-old Buddhist game called "Leela, the Game of Self Knowledge," the related children's game Snakes and Ladders (also known as Chutes and Ladders), and Hamlet's quote "slings and arrows." This information helped convince bassist Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson to adopt the original painting of the age old game board as the cover for the 2007 "Snakes & Arrows" album.

Tour dates looks like this:
Malmo May 8,2011
Dublin May 12
Glasgow May 14
Sheffield May 16
Manchester May 19
Newcastle May 21
Birmingham May 22
London May 25
Rotterdam May 27
Frankfurt May 29
Greenville, SC June 8
New Orleans, LA June 10
Austin, TX June 12
El Paso, TX June 14
Phoenix, AZ June 16
San Diego, CA June 18
Los Angeles, CA June 20
Los Angeles, CA June 22
Las Vegas, NV June 24
Concord, CA June 26
Portland, OR June 28
Vancouver, BC June 30
Seattle, WA July 2

Okey here is my pics.
The light rig on the ground, looks like a spider when its up.

The Drum set!

Closer look at it.

Drum set :D

Stage thingies all in Jules Verne look, do u see the sausage machine at the right :)

Here is one of the alchemical symbols..Lovely!

Folks, here is Witch Hunt with Rush.

Love, Thetania

From the old days, same tune.

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