Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ozzy Osbourne - Soul Sucker

As Ozzy comes to Stockholm on the 7th of September I wanted to play something from him, but this tune didnt have a video but listen and enjoy it anyway :)
After that I got something else for u as well :)

Crashdïet is his support band, thats a awesome happening for those guys.

Scream is the tenth studio album by British heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne,
released on 11 June 2010 in Europe.
The album was produced and written with Kevin Churko.

This is Osbourne's first album of original material to not
feature lead guitarist Zakk Wylde since his debut on the 1988 album,
No Rest for the Wicked and Mike Bordin since 2001's Down to Earth.

Playing guitar on this album is Firewind guitarist Gus G.,
and playing drums is former Ted Nugent, Rob Zombie,
and Alice Cooper drummer Tommy Clufetos.
Scream was originally titled Soul Sucka
but Osbourne decided against it after negative feedback from fans.

I just have to paste wot a dude named domadams says on youtube after this tune
"Metal will never die. Justin motherfucking Bieber will die. Ozzy is an immortal saint. Lady horseshit Ga Ga will die (from testicular cancer). Lemmy is a god. M and bleeding cunt M,
will die. Dio spirit is not gone, and never will go. Gods like Ozzy and Lemmy may die in body but thier spirit will never die. They will live on through thier music. Metal will only die when no one stands by it. And we will DIE for metal. We will not let the music die and because of that we will outlast bullshit pop

Haha thats sutcha straight from his heart comment.

Peace, Thetania

I will also get something else for u fans..
Ozzy Osbourne - Perry Mason I like that very much.

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